Seungri – VVIP

Seungri VVip

Release Date: January 20, 2011

Track Listing

  1. VVip
  2. What Can I Do
  3. Open The Window feat. G-Dragon
  4. Magic
  5. I Know (Duet with IU)
  6. White Love
  7. Outro (In My World)


VVIP is Big Bang member Seungri’s Solo EP and for the most part it’s a detour from Big Bang’s typical Electro Pop sound from their Korean and Japanese releases. In a way he’s taken a similar path of fellow group member Taeyang opting for a smoother, lover man kind of groove.

The album does start off with some intense songs that fit well within the current popular K-Pop sound with What Can I Do being very close to a typical up tempo Big Bang work. It’s enough to give fans what they’re familiar with before switching up to the R&B the rest of the way.

After What  Can I do all traces of Electro are gone and instead we get songs that have more in common with what you would hear Adult Contemporary R&B radio. Seungri’s silky delivery on songs like Open Window, Magic and I Know are all on point and definitely shows the depth of talent within the Big Bang camp.

The weak spots on VVIP are White Love which is a little too Bieber-esque pop for my tastes, but I can see people liking the song. The other thing is that it’s too short. I know this is an EP but I was kind of hoping for more songs like in the middle section to round things out a bit more.



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