SF9 – Teardrop (Selective Hearing Remix)

SF9 Turnover

Release Date: July 5, 2021
Key: B Minor
BPM: 120

Teardrop is the title track from SF9’s ninth mini-album Turn Over. It’s a breakup song wrapped in a pretty dance music package.

What you mainly hear throughout the song is light 2-Step during the verses and bridge, which transitions to straight four on the floor House for the chorus.

I followed the same type of pattern for my take on Teardrop, switching between 2-Step and House. What I did not do is increase the tension like the original does once it hits the post-chorus. Instead, I chose to keep the mood rather chill.

It may not sound as exciting as the original version, but I believe my interpretation fits the lyrics’ mood a little more closely.

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