Sherrily’s 2016 Year End Review!

Season’s greetings, readers!!

As the newbie writer at this site, I’ll be the first of our staff to post their year end review!

Aside from idol related things, 2016 has pretty much been a completely shit year for me. But luckily, it’s the idol related things that I write about here! So to sum up my year in a positive way, I’ll be highlighting my top 5 idol happenings as well as my top 5 hopes for 2017.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Top 5 Happenings of 2016

  1. Seeing a Morning Musume’16 concert in my home state of Texas on my birthday & having the members wish me a happy birthday that morning.
  2. Michishige Sayumi announcing her comeback in the spring of next year.
  3. Having the privilege to coordinate and throw the Hello!Disco fan party with Hello!Team and have the party be acknowledged by Mitsui Aika, MM’16 members, and UF staff.
  4. Making it to Kudo Haruka’s birthday event and homecoming concert in one 3-week trip to Japan.
  5. Finally getting to see a MMmusical in person for the first time.

Top 5 Hopes for 2017

  1. A really awesome MM 20th anniversary, chock-full of awesome events and releases.
  2. Another MM concert in the US.
  3. Possibly being able to see both Kudo Haruka and Michishige Sayumi in the same trip. (I definitely foresee overlapping schedules and me panicking over who to pick though!)
  4. Hello!Project proving their resilience and growing stronger despite the loss of big name OGs like C-ute and Tsugunaga Momoko.
  5. MM 10th gen bus tour. (and that I’ll be able to make it)

So there you have it! A short and sweet yearly review to get the ball rolling!

Here’s to more great music and fun events in 2017!


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