Sherrily’s 2018 Year End Review


Personal rankings of the year

Best happenings of 2018:

  1. Morning Musume in Mexico City
  2. Not breaking my Morning Musume tour combo that’s been going since fall of 2013
  3. Kudo’s cool new gig as a sentai ranger

Crappiest happenings of 2018:

  1. Travelling between Mexico, NYC, and Japan with practically no break
  2. Falling asleep/losing consciousness during my Sayuminglandoll, due to extreme jet lag
  3. Sort of the same #3 as above but not really, but kind of

If I were to sum up my 2018 up in one word, it would be “adaptation”.

There’s been a lot of changes in my life this year, among them, my ex-Morning Musume oshimen, Kudo Haruka, debuting as an actress. Technically, she’s actually more active on social media than ever before, but if you’ve gotten used to seeing and interacting with an idol in person, then you’ll feel that difference when they suddenly become a presence that’s only on the screen.

All things take time though.

I’m still very proud that she landed such a big gig as a Lupin Yellow in her first acting job.

Luckily, I’ve also had my constants to keep me sane, namely Morning Musume and my circle of friends. I had an amazing time experiencing Mexico city and also taking part in a feverishly exciting show. Being able to see the members and my friends so many times between Mexico and New York this November really made my year. However, I didn’t keep my own health in mind when booking these trips and ended up completely wearing myself out with constant travel and work.

My trips to Japan this year have also been much more frantic than usual, since they were fewer and more far between. This led to things like me (getting caught) falling asleep during Sayuminglandoll when I decided to go to a 9PM showing on the day arrived in Japan. Needless to say, travel planning has not been my forte this year.

Hopefully in 2019, things will not be as volatile and I’ll have more fun things to write articles on.

But for now, more video game reviews!

Happy new year!

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