Shinozaki Ai – Love/Hate Review

Shinozaki Ai Love Hate Promo

Release Date: March 22, 2017

Shinozaki Ai Love Hate RE

Disc 1

  1. Peppermint
  2. True Love
  3. Itoshii
  4. Yukiataribattari no Koi
  5. Warui Neko
  6. Kuchi no warui Onna

Shinozaki Ai Love Hate Ltd

Disc 2 (Limited Edition Only)

  1. Last Chance
  2. Saigo no Ame
  3. Tattoo
  4. Anata ni Aitakute Missing You


Shinozaki Ai is a Japanese gravure model and former member of the idol group AeLL. LOVE/HATE is her first EP release and it features the previously released songs TRUE LOVE, Itoshii and Kuchi no Warui Onna.

This album comes in 2 versions. The regular edition is just the single disc 6-song EP. The limited edition adds a second disc containing 4 cover songs. The first disc to contains 3 new songs. Peppermint, Yukiataribattari no Koi and Warui Neko. The first two tracks fall in to the dance music category with Peppermint being the pop oriented song and Yukiataribattari no Koi having a slightly edgier club feel.

Warui Neko takes the approach of a jazzy, piano driven number. It is a stark contrast to the rest of the material on the first disc and brings about a small change of pace from the pure pop numbers that surround it.

The second disc contains 4 covers:

something else – Last Chance
Nakanishi Yasushi – Saigo no Ame
Nakamori Akina – TATTOO
Matsuda Seiko Anata ni Aikute ~Missing You~

Shinozaki’s covers are very faithful to the original versions with only a few minor updates to the arrangements and instrumentation. So if you were concerned there might be a few bastardizations of your favourite old school J-Pop songs there is no need to worry. These songs are probably not going to appeal to everyone. If you like the nostalgic J-Pop or are looking to hear an adult contemporary version of Shinozaki you should give this disc a quick listen.

Given that this EP is rather short, it would be best pick up the limited edition version of LOVE/HATE to get the most value for your money. Otherwise just cherry pick the songs you like if you are streaming or purchasing via digital download.

Love/Hate (Regular Edition)

Love/Hate (Limited Edition)

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