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Just look at him. He’s so beautiful, isn’t he…?

Okay, so before I drool over Show Luo, let me just say Hi, I’m back… I hope! I haven’t been writing on here for a while, my bad, so I thought I would review the dishy Show to just let y’all know I’m kind of alive and still reviewing on here. Now, with that over with, what am I reviewing today?

THE SHOW is Show Luo’s third Japanese album, and features eight new songs as well as his two Japanese single releases, DANTE and MAGIC. Following the English-title theme that Show seems to have going on, we get quite a good mix of songs. Here’s the track listing:

2. Bounce!
3. Dance in Paradise
4. Stand Up
8. Tarantula
9. I Just Wanna Love You
10. See the same sky

I had first listened to previews of all the songs, and was quite impressed by some of the songs more-so than others, so when I finally listened to the entire album, I was quite excited… only to be quite disappointed in the end of it all, something that you certainly don’t expect when the previews seem so promising.

It isn’t a bad album, I’m not saying that, it just didn’t appeal to me, because there are some really good songs in the album, it’s just that a few of them really didn’t stick out to me or excite me in any way like I thought they would. I do have a few favourites from the album, with the two single songs DANTE and MAGIC  being in there of course, but I won’t count them. Bounce! is a great song to listen to, with a bit of rap flowing through it and quite a catchy beat and some techno which I am really liking in the son. It’s a techno dance beat I think, and would be a good dance tune.

The winning songs for me in this album have to be RUNNER, Tarantula, STILL and See the same sky, though Stand Up is an equally good song which is fun to listen to, in my opinion. RUNNER is the title song, and it’s great to listen to, though it has a rather familiar ‘Show’ sound to it which I can’t shake off. It’s quite T-poppy in way with a bit of an edge which reminds me ofDANTE. It’s a fast paced dance beat, one which is great to listen to if you want something that is quite cool to listen to. The PV is also pretty good, with great effects and scenes.

Tarantula is a really catchy song, possibly the catchiest and one of my definite favorites. It stands out the most on the album for me, with its infectious beat that sounds both cool and fun. I really loved the preview of this song, so it’s great that the full version is just as great and continues to please me. I just love how it sounds overall, and Show of course sounds amazing this. Definitely my favourite out of all the songs in the album.

It’s a pretty good album in my opinion, though only a few of the songs really stuck out to me. None of the songs were terrible, they just didn’t appeal to me in how they sounded or I completely blanked them, with only Tarantula, See the same sky and STILL really sticking out for me.

Show Luo is a great artist, and I love his songs, but I can’t love everything, and for me, this album is not his best. He’s a great singer, but I will be happy enough to live without these songs because none of them are going to become staple favourites any time soon. Hopefully his next single will entertain me more.

For now, I’ll stick to the wonders of DANTE and just how epic that song is, and await his next release… maybe another ballad?

Until next time, guys~


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