SM The Ballad – Vol 1 (Miss You)


Release Date: November 29, 2010

Track Listing

  1. 너무 그리워 (Miss You)
  2. Hot Times (시험하지 말기)
  3. 다시… 사랑합니다 (Love Again)
  4. Don’t Lie (Feat. Henry of Super Junior-M)
  5. 내일은… (Another Day)


S.M. The Ballad is a male vocal group consisting of Super Junior’s Kyuhun, Shinee’s Jonghyn, TRAX’s Jay and newcomer Jino. They are described as being a ballad group and they certainly live up to that billing.

Much of what is on this EP has a Pop/R&B crossover kind of sound and you figure that maybe 4 slow jams would be kind of pushing the tolerance of what people can take but these slickly produced songs prove that it can be done.

I found that the songs that had a bit more of an R&B flavor (Hot Times, Don’t Lie) stood out than the typical pop ballads that you can hear from just about any K-Pop vocal group or soloists (Miss You, Another Day). They just have more of an edge I guess.

Whatever your taste, S.M. The Ballad is definitely worth checking out. If this project is indeed something permanent hopefully they get a full length album sometime in the future.

Vol 1. Miss You

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