S/Mileage Auditions Announced


According to a recent Oricon report and video on S/Mileage’s YouTube channel (see below) the group will be getting a new member (or possibly members) soon. Further details on the audition can also be found on their official web site.

As you can see from the video Tsunku was fucking with them for a bit before announcing the news. I’m sure many of you had the same reaction as S/Mileage did when this bomb was dropped. Fan reaction is going be split on this because many feel that the group is fine in their current from while the others wouldn’t mind having some new people join in on the fun.

I am with the people who think that the group is fine the way it is. They have a certain dynamic that works perfectly for the strange, quirky kind of stuff that they do. Adding a new member (or members) could possibly screw up the good thing they have going. I’m not sure tinkering with all that is a wise move but that’s just me.

An interesting twist to this (after figuring out how to read the qualifications) is that those who audition for the 10th generation of Momusu are also eligible for S/Mileage if they choose to take a run at both groups. Although if the same girl(s) are chosen for both they have to decide on one or the other.

That would make for some great drama (and compelling television) but really, the smart choice would be go jump aboard the S/Mileage train. They’re a few years away from hitting their expiry date, whereas Momusu is way beyond theirs.

To say that this was unexpected is an understatement and it makes me wonder what the plan is? Is this to freshen up the group (who don’t need a reboot yet) or is someone getting the ceremonial boot? It’s difficult to say at this point. I’m sure there will be much speculation in the coming weeks as to why.

Whatever the reason we can say that UFA is taking a lot of risks and making unpredictable moves to right the Titanic-like course of Hello! Project and therefore making 2011 an intriguing year so far. Perhaps they have more up their sleeves than we thought.


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