S/mileage – Dot Bikini PV

Love it or hate it, S/mileage have brought out their Summer infused single already, and are going mainstream with their bikini’s like many other idol groups have done before. This is their latest, Dot Bikini.

Whilst some may think that this is a cute, summer PV, I will be a part of the minority who thinks that this is one hot mess of a video from this group. Whilst we are used to some cute weirdness that is known as S/mileage, here we get a rather bland, mainstream Idol PV with a rather generic and boring song that will probably fit well with every other generic Idol summer song that will be sure to grace the oricon this year.

Dot Bikini follows that usual formula of cheap Hello! Project PV’s with little to no story line, and some weird dancing added to it. A few random MS Paint-job images are thrown in here and there to treat us to some playful scenes just to try and make it look like H!P are actually trying.

I’m not fooled though.

In all honesty, I was not impressed with this PV or song when I finally got to see and hear the entire thing. I thought that the song was bland and easily forgettable, with a rather annoying and over-played chorus, and the PV was one giant mass of fail, in my opinion.

Though there were some aspects of it which were cute – The Gorilla drawn on Kana’s head was one of the most eye-catching features for me, but that’s probably because I like Kana, and I also like it when they make her stand out, like in Chotto Matte. In a way, these scenes were sweet, but none of the other scenes stood out to me like this one did.

But the cuteness of certain scenes doesn’t really save the rest of the video – especially the fail that is the dance shot. Some of the moves are cute, however it looks like the choreographer decided to have a break and told the girls to try and make up some dance moves of their own, and decided to leave them in there. Sometimes, that dance looks out of place, out of time and looks like a 3-year old taught these girls the moves, though I am sure a 3-year old could have done better.

I was also reminded of C-ute’s La-La-La Shiawase no Uta when the song went into full swing, so I was obviously reminded of older, more childish and playful Hello! Project singles when I heard the beginning.  I also think of Hawaii when I listen to this song. Don’t know why.

It also seems like S/mileage are going down the road that the other groups have gone down – As far as I know, Kana and Rina get no solo lines in this single, with DAWA, Kanon, Akari and Meimei taking up the solo’s. I was surprised how little of the vampire there was, though.

Maybe I am being overly judgemental, but this is, to me, a weak release from S/mileage. The PV is as cheap as every other H!P video, it lacks in presentation,  the choreography was poor and it looks tacky. Bundle that with a generic song, and you get something which I consider is S/mileage’s weakest single.

S/mileage, what’s happened to you?

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