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Samui ne 01

The video for S/mileage’s 12th single Samui ne was recently released on their YouTube channel and this appears to signify a change in direction for the group. Or at least one would think.

Samui ne 04

Samui ne 05

Samui ne 13

There are two conflicting themes in this video, and one makes absolutely no sense given the tone of the song. On one side you have the girls dressed like they’re going out as Momoiro Clover Z for Halloween looking all sad.

Samui ne 02

Samui ne 03

Then you have them all dolled up in their Sunday best getting all emo over a 100 yen trinket from Daiso and looking longingly out into the cold abyss of falling snow. Given those two scenarios I think you can guess which one is out of place.

Samui ne 09

Samui ne 10

I believe going full on with making the young squeak machines look mature and depressed is what matches the song the most. Why even have them dressed up in the other outfits if they’re going to do nothing?

Samui ne 07

With that said, the parts that require some sort of “acting” to get the emotion of the song down were a mixed bag. I’m sure the director may have been asking the girls to think of what would happen if their puppy died or maybe showed them the famous Tsunku flower picture to get them to emote sadness.

Samui ne 06

Samui ne 15

Some girls managed to do better than others at getting the point across.

Samui ne 17

If this is meant to show a different side to the group then this video is semi-successful at accomplishing that feat. It does feel that maybe going the “mature” route is a little forced with the 2nd generation still being so young. Then again with similarly aged groups such as Tokyo Girls Style and especially Fairies doing the same thing perhaps the shift in image isn’t surprising at all.

What about the song itself? Well, it sounds a lot like a Tokyo Girls Style track to me. Given Hello! Project’s sudden obsession with sounding current I find nothing wrong from borrowing from the AVEX camp for inspiration.

Whether fans will accept this from the happy go lucky that they are used to from S/mileage is another question.

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  1. I think the outfits are very cute but I don’t think it quite fits the image of the song especially with the tails…not into the song. I believe there should be something hanging on the sides of their tops instead of exposing their bellies completely. Ayaka, Kanon, Meimei and Akari look the best. So happy Meimei has no bangs, she looks MUCH BETTER. (I think Junjou Hankouki was the best song for them this year!), but I hope they do well. I think the window scenes remind me of Naichau Kamo too.

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