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The video for S/mileage’s Spring single Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita has been out for a while now, and after ignoring it for a good amount of time, I finally decided to sit down and watch the entire thing without even attempting to hit the red ‘x’ button on my browser and running off to find something more interesting to watch.

Sadly my willpower is not that strong, and I really did have to pause it halfway through to find something more interesting to do before I could go back and watch it. It’s pretty boring, if you ask me.



Though despite being a pretty boring PV for me, Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita is one of those few Hello! Project videos that has a real set that actually looks pretty decent. The video takes place in two rooms, one being used for the dance and close-up shots, and the other for additional scenes that add a bit more atmosphere to the song. I do admit that I like those scenes, but that mostly has to do with how natural and pretty the set is. UFP really went all out on making this video as pretty and spring-like as possible, in my opinion.

… And now I know why Juice=Juice didn’t get a set, because their budget was blown on S/mileage. Daaang…


Rinapuu was unfortunate enough to have that hairstyle placed upon her. Sorry girl, but it looks terrible on you.


So despite being pretty, and being a combination of the two things I like in a PV (simple and natural), I do think that this video is boring, but that is probably more to do with the slow pace of the video. The additional scenes are annoyingly slow, whilst the rest of the video is set at a normal pace, and whilst the dance somewhat keeps my focus (we’ll get to that a bit later…) I think that the additional scenes are the main problem for me because they just drag on. And then there is that window in the dance shot… My lord…

I hate that window. With a passion.


Now I am a giant fan of natural lighting, but when it comes to natural light, it can be a good or bad thing. In this case, it’s annoyingly bad because it has not been reflection, meaning that is just one giant glow of annoyance in the background of the dance, and for me, that is a giant distraction and puts me off of the entire dance itself. The only time I commend that light for being there is when it shines so brightly it totally washes out Nyon. Sadly nothing can erase that voice, though… sigh…

Another annoying thing about this dance, other than the window, are those skirts. I wonder who was the bright spark that thought hoop skirts would be a good idea, because honestly, they just fly everywhere. Okay, the outfits are cute and all, but they are certainly not practical. I would have preferred to have seen the S/mileage clan dancing around in their additional scene costumes because they’re a lot more practical and a lot less distracting than… these skirts.

Skirt hater!!!!!!

That said though, I do enjoy this dance. I especially like the violin strumming from the girls in this, it looks cute, but my favourite part is all that bouncing around. Sadly those stupid skirts get in the way…


Regardless of how annoying this PV can be to me though, I do think that the girls look gorgeous. I also want to personally thank whoever was in charge of Kananananananananana’s wardrobe, because her dress in the additional scenes is wonderfully short.


I want to take a moment to appreciate Meimi… she looks pretty and a lot less bloodthirsty compared to how she usually looks. Also, these scenes are quite pretty to watch, but again, stupidly slow.


So other than being annoyingly slow and just plain old boring to watch, I think that this video did a good job of portraying spring, however, this PV is pretty forgettable, something which usually does not happen with S/mileage. They are the sort of group who have video’s that are so annoyingly catchy and cute that you just have to remember them, but nope, not this one. However, toning down the group seems to have done some good because it gained them a Daily number 1 on the Oricon, the first for S/mileage since they became, well, S/mileage, so they must be doing something right by taking away the crazy and giving in to the tame, usual Idol affair. That, or Spring themed songs and PV’s are really popular in Japan…

Actually they are, aren’t they?

Now regarding the song… well, I will talk about that one later, because I aim to throw in a single review at some point as well, which might be fun… but let me tell you, I only have compliments for two of these girls, and not many people will favour my opinion… but regardless, what do you think of the song and PV? I know I’m a bitter old soul nowadays, but I want to know what everyone else thinks and see what is so good about this video other than the girls looking gorgeous (except Rina’s hair) and the PV looking like it has a budget.

So yeah… how are you liking the tame S/mileage who pretend to have Violins?

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  1. “Okay, the outfits are cute and all, but they are certainly not practical. ”
    Since when does practicality have anything to do with idol music?

    The focus of my rage is Akari’s shorts. We don’t need a Mika Todd situation here.

    Personally, the song’s key point seems to be the drum-accented rhythms in the chorus. Sadly, this wasn’t enough to keep me interested in the song for more than a few days.

    • Very true about the practicality bit there, but I found them annoyingly distracting xD

      Oh wow you have an amazing point there, it is a Mika Todd situation o-o not cool.

      I think I have actually forgotten this song completely, all I keep hearing is Suki Yo when I try to think of this song haha…

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