S/Mileage – Uchouten Love

S/Mileage Uchouten Love

Release Date: August 3, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Uchouten Love
  2. Chu! Natsu Party
  3. Uchouten Love (Instrumental)


The last single for the four member version of S/Mileage (hereby known as 1st generation) comes in the form of Uchouten Love. It’s a throwback to one of their older songs Yume Miru 15 along with a generous sampling of Gyaruru. Sure the recycling program never stops in H!P but in this case the source material is actually good enough to warrant it.

Of course this isn’t going to be for everyone. If you like your pop to have a bit of serious tone to it I suggest you turn away from this now. But if you are a fan of either of the above references or just like your idol pop in the high energy range you should have absolutely no problem with this song. And really, this fits the personalities and vocal abilities of the group much more than what UFA has tried to do with other songs.

The b-side is a cover of 3-nin Matsuri’s Chu! Natsu Party, updated to fit the craziness that is S/Mileage’s M.O. Many consider the original to be one of the classics of Hello! Project’s shuffle group songs and perhaps they may be afraid of this cover. Have no fear, fair justice is given to the original and it’s actually quite good. To be honest nothing can really live up to the original (look at who was singing the song) but the S/Mileage version is still worthy of cranking to 11 on your iPod.

Uchouten Love (Normal Edition)

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Uchouten Love (Jacket A)

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Uchouten Love (Jacket B)

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Uchouten Love (Jacket C)

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Uchouten Love (Jacket D)

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Uchouten Love Single V

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