SoulJa – Colorz

Release Date: February 25, 2009

Track Listing

  1. Prologue
  2. Colorz Of Love
  3. Hip Nova
  4. Hurry Home (Soba ni iru ne)
  5. Kinenbi
  6. One Time
  7. Da Bounce
  8. Hana, Yurari
  9. Road Movie
  10. Home
  11. Zero


COLORZ is SoulJa’s second full length album and continues the laid back Hip-Hop/R&B hybrid that was present on Spirits. For those who have never heard of him, his voice is unique in that its tone is smoother and less aggressive than the average MC.  But when called upon he can also rock a party hard.

On this album the collaborations are spread among many artists including Misslim, Hosono Haruomi, Yukihiro Takahashi and Jin Oki.  Which makes for an interesting collage of different grooves.

There’s a bit of catchy Latin influenced Hip-Hop with Colorz Of Love, Hip Nova and One Time. Then a couple of club type tracks courtesy of Da Bounce and ZERO which are great but not as hard hitting or crazy like First Impact (Indies Version) or Dogg Pound but are still worth listening to.

I found the beats for ZERO to be an interesting bit of minimalist Electro Hip-Hop and somewhat similar to the kind of productions from Namie Amuro’s Past< Future. SoulJa’s flow really worked well over that kind of sound.

Lastly there are the R&B crossover songs such as Hana, Yurari and Home where dude gets to show off his (surprisingly) decent singing voice. There are few male MCs who can actually sing in addition to rap so it’s nice to hear him continue that on this album.

So far so good but I have one major complaint. There’s another song here milking the Koko ni Iru yo/Soba ni Iru ne formula and that is Hurry Home. This time it’s a Reggae take on the song all done in English. I understand that the first 2 versions of this song were huge hits and it’s good to put something familiar in for fans to grab on to.

But damn, this is the 4th version of the song, isn’t that enough? I like this take simply because it’s a Sly & Robbie production but if more versions come out covering every genre conceivable to man I’m going to start calling out a lack of creativity and/or going to the well one too many times.

Other than that this is a great collection of Hip-Hop that stands out among the generic garbage that is polluting a once proud genre. Pick it up if you want some semblance of the great music that was once produced so regularly in Hip-Hop.

Colorz Regular Edition

Colorz Limited Edition

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