SPEED – 4 Colors

Speed 4 Colors CD

Track Listing:


  2. Little Dancer
  3. Himawari -Growing Sunflower-
  5. PRIDE feat. Ohgami : OHGA -Original ver-
  6. S.P.D.
  7. Stay Miracle
  8. Unlucky X’mas
  9. Let’s Heat Up!
  10. Yubiwa
  11. Ashita no Sora
  12. 4 Colors
  13. FAMILY


  1. Little Dancer (Director’s Cut)
  2. Let’s Heat Up!
  3. Yubiwa
  4. Himawari ~Growing Sunflower~
  5. S.P.D
  6. Ashita no Sora
CD + 2 DVD (Fan Meeting 2011@SHIBUYA-AX):
  1. Body & Soul
  2. Little Dancer
  3. Kisetsu ga Iku Toki
  4. Stars To Shine Again (2011 Cheerleader clip)
  5. Fan Meeting 2011 Special Medley: Too Young /Don’t be afraid/KISS/Adam to Eve/Kiwi Love/Stars To Shine Again
  6. Happy Together


4 Colors marks the quartet’s first album since Bridge in 2003. I was really excited when I heard the news. Hell, I even broke the news here on the site. Being a long-time Speed fan, I was excited to get new material. By no means I was sick of the older material, but what’s wrong with having new songs? Besides, the classics will always be there. Plus, I’ve liked the singles they have put out since their reunion in 2008.

Which makes this album interesting. There are only six brand new songs. The rest of the album is all of their newer releases, from Ashita no Sora to Little Dancer, and Pride was the B-side to Little Dancer. So a good part of whether or not a person would enjoy the album depends on their exposure of the previously released songs, and how they felt about them.

S.P.D. stands as my favorite single post-reunion. A mid-tempo dance track, composed by foreign producers, it’s a sound that Speed rarely tries. A sound that Speed pulls off. Also, the English is okay, which goes a long way.

What about those six new songs? World Dance honors it’s name by emulating uber-popular pop songs of the day. Surprise sounds like something out of fellow Okinawa native Namie Amuro’s catalog. Stay Miracle, 4 Colors, and Family are slower, ballad songs more typically associated with their image. Unlucky X’mas also falls under that same ballad category, and while it doesn’t have any instruments from their most well-known song, White Love, it does feel as though they had that song in mind a bit when composing Unlucky X’mas.

The album has a whole is good front to back, but we have already gotten the majority of the album. So if the new songs interest you at all, give this album a shot.

There is also the two other versions available to purchase. The CD/DVD combo also comes with videos of their post-reunion PVs. It’s standard practice to have PVs on the DVD portion in Japan, but some of these videos are a couple of years old, and they have appeared on other DVD releases so it’s a bit weird to see them included.

The fun comes in the 2 DVD set, with the group’s live performances from their fan club meeting last year. No fancy outfits, it’s just the women in casual clothes having fun with the audience. As a Speed fan, this is my favorite part of the 2 DVD version, and easily justified my purchase.

SPEED 4 Colors DVD - Hiro

Side note: Can someone convince Hiro to keep her hair like this? Thanks. 

There is also another edition of the album, where the 2 DVD combo has an entire recording of the fan club event, including MC segments, and an off-shot with backstage footage and other video goodness. Sadly, it’s only released to people in their fan club, SPEEDWAY. (Or if you know a person who knows someone.)

If you are a Speed fan, I don’t think there is any reason why you shouldn’t have this already. If you are aware of Speed and have a vague interest of the group, go listen to the music first before you decide whether you want to spend both money and time. If you are in that camp, the album will have some good moments for you.

SPEED 4 Colors DVD - Hiro 2

I don’t think Hiro has ever had bad hair, but this could be her best style. Keep it going!

It’s interesting where this puts the group now. Other than releasing a video of them taking album photos, there hasn’t been any promotion. No Music Station appearance, no new PV, nothing to really speak of. It’s a conversation to have outside of a review, but 4 Colors is a reminder to the J-pop world that those four girls that were crushing it in the late 90’s, they grew up, but they can still entertain a crowd. I just hope that everyone else got the message.

4 Colors


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