Staff Year In Review: 2017 TOZ Edition

Hello! Project

Wow. After my return of H!P, I was not ready for this.

I already shared my thoughts on the C-ute graduation. Still haven’t watched it. That alone makes it a weird year for me thinking about H!P.

But Kobushi Factory takes it another level. We mentioned this in our Airing of Grievances. The group lost three members within six months of each other, two of which were from my top three favorites (Reirei stay strong!). The year didn’t start out like that either. When news broke of their high school ninja girls play/movie, I was excited. H!P movies are fun, and this looked fun. 

Then the single came out and I was into it as well.

But that was it. They put out soundtracks, but no mini or full album of original stuff. The loss of multiple members in the same year. It’s hard not to imagine this could the end. I hope not. Hopefully, its just a bump in the road. I still believe. Take Rei’s advice and stop. Don’t stop the group’s activities, but please stop the negativity. 

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