Staff Year In Review: 2017 TOZ Edition


Wonder Girls, man. You shall be missed. 

There weren’t many K-pop albums I liked from beginning to end, so to dust off an old format, I have a list of my top 10 K-pop songs of 2017.

10. Twice – Signal

Surprise, I began to like Twice in 2017. Got no problem being a bandwagon fan. Hell, even Forbes knows what’s up. Signal is just pure, bubblegum idol music. It’s been difficult for me to connect to this kind of idol music lately, but I’m human. So when it clicks, I’m sucked right back in. Also, if you were wondering, I’m #teammina. 

9. SURAN – 1+1=0 feat. DEAN

I am glad that 2017 was the year I found a fair amount of new Korean artists that differ from the bubblegum music as mentioned before. SURAN fits that bill, and more often than not DEAN on a song means it’s quality. I love her voice on this, plus the video makes me feel good. 

8. Red Velvet – Kingdom Come

The song opens with some dope drums. Then the R&B Red Velvet appears. I couldn’t help but think of Automatic and how much I prefer that version of the group. Saddens me there isn’t a video for this. 

7. IU – Jam Jam

This the lowest-ranking IU song I’ve ever had. I still defend my review. The parts that are good are great and carries that album. Although it left me wanting more, Jam Jam is IU at her most suggestive, and the beat itself is sultry to match. 

6. BoA – CAMO

BoA is still great. Hard to believe she is just 31. CAMO is a James Bond theme song, and she sounds so natural doing that. The video looks like a James Bond opening credits, as well. I would also be remiss to not shout out Jazzclub. If Jazzclub was in Korean, then BoA would be on this list twice. 

5. Luna, Hani, & Solar – Honey Bee

How do we not have a live performance of this song? The teaser had me so hype, and the full video wasn’t quite as good as I expected, but damn. I think everything works. The saxophone, the three voices, and even the goofy chorus. This is also a reminder that there wasn’t a f(x) album this year, and Luna deserves better.

4.  Sunmi – Gashina

Wonder Girls lives! Absolutely love that both Sunmi and Yenny have spun out into their own solo careers and are doing great. Gashina especially feels like Sunmi establishing herself as a soloist while building on the legacy and sound of later Wonder Girls music. I’m ready to go where Sunmi wants to take us. 

3. Seohyun – Don’t Say No

I’ve already said my piece on this. She’s the Girls’ Generation member who’s solo career that I’m most interested in seeing what else comes. 

2. GroovyRoom – Sunday feat. Heize & Jay Park

1. Heize – Don’t Know You

I have to talk about these top two songs together. Heize is my favorite K-pop artist this year, and one of my favorite artists this year, period. She’s the fresh air I wanted to hear out of Korea. These are exhibit A & B on why she ranks so high for me. I love how she floats on Sunday and is paired perfectly with Jay Park (Roc Nation stand up!). While on Don’t You Know, she is damn near angelic. It almost makes up for the abuse she gives the bear. Why you gotta do Onew like that? Now I think about it, it’s okay. The song is so good, I’ll ignore the animal cruelty. 

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