Release Date: July 31, 2015

Track Listing

  1. Anthem
  2. Sidechain Love
  3. Beijing Noodle No. 9
  4. Movement (Stereo Japan)
  5. Anthem (Stereo Tokyo) [Japan Edition]
  6. Anthem (Stereo Osaka) [Japan Edition]
  7. Inspire (Tokyo Mix) [Tokyo Edition]
  8. Inspire (Osaka Mix) [Osaka Edition]


STEREO JAPAN are a 14-member Japanese Pop/EDM idol group. They are split into 2 teams: STEREO TOKYO (6 members) and STEREO OSAKA (8 members). Each team has a DJ, MCs/performers. They have also their own activities in their respective cities but also perform together at some events.

The members of each respective group are as follows:


Ayaka Shiina (MC) – Green
Misa Saionji (MC) – Yellow
Kurumi Yagi (MC) – Red
Yurina Kawamura (MC) – Blue
Nanako Miura (DJ) – Purple
Chihana Kishimori (MC) – White


Natumi Hobo (MC) – Blue
Yuki Yamada (MC) – Orange
Sayumi Tanaka (MC) – Pink
Juri Fujiwara (MC) – Yellow
Shie Aoki (DJ) – Green
Makoto Kikuta (MC) – Red
Yuka Shigemoto (MC) – White
Anna Komichi (MC) – Purple

Anthem is the collective’s second overall release and first mini-album. It comes in 3 editions. Japan, Tokyo and Osaka.

The group’s debut single Electron (which is NOT included on this album) probably had more than a few people salivating at the prospect of “idols in da crub”. (for the lack of a better Engrish term) For those not living in their own bubble, this isn’t anything new. Morning Musume has been trying to milk this sound since 2012 and for a time it was the go to thing for K-Pop until it was bled dry.

So what about STEREO JAPAN? Are they another in a long line to hop aboard the good ship of mainstream dance music before the EDM hits rocks bottom and goes back underground? Or are they a serious group trying not to capitalize on a hot trend?

From what I heard on ANTHEM I would say they are making an effort to build themselves a niche in the heavily populated female idol music landscape. Thankfully their producers are taking inspiration from the play books of established dance music producers to give them the best shot at success.

If you pay attention you can hear elements of sounds from Nakata, Guetta, T-KURA and Swedish House Mafia just to name a few. Given the pedigree of the type of music STEREO JAPAN is emulating they are already at a running start towards creating something special.

Of course Anthem is not going to be for everyone. There are some people who still think that dance music is just a bunch of squeaky artificial noises and a monotonous pounding. If that is your mindset, you’re missing out. For those who are willing to give this a shot you can give the title track listen first to get your feet wet.

If that gets you interested try the House fueled Beijing No. 9 or (if you have either of the city editions) the heavier, rave-like Inspire a go as well. Both represent different sub-genres of dance music and are complimentary to the title track.

Given that I have a strong personal bias towards dance music I of course am going to like this album. It falls squarely in my wheelhouse after all. And I don’t have much to say negatively other than that the music can drown the vocals out at times.

Other than that, I would highly recommend picking this album up ASAP.

ANTHEM (Japan Edition)


ANTHEM (Tokyo Edition)


ANTHEM (Osaka Edition)


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