STEREO JAPAN – Ichi Ni San -IBIZA- Review

Stereo Japan Ichi Ni San Ibiza

Release Date: January 23, 2016

Track Listing

  1. Buddhist Bounce
  3. healing you
  4. Blow Your Mind
  5. NEXT


STEREO JAPAN’s first release of 2016 is the follow up to their 2015 EP Anthem. Much like that album this a short set showcasing the EDM meets idol aesthetic that this group has built their foundation on.

The last time we visited a STEREO JAPAN release the major complaint was that the songs were basically EDM instrumentals with very little idol elements or vocals.

With this EP that situation appears to have been addressed as there happen to be songs that are closer to a conventional verse-chorus-verse structure to break up the monotony of being pounded with beats, bass and electronic noises of all sorts.

The lead single Buddhist Bounce and MATSURI are probably not the best examples to illustrate this point. healing you and Blow Your Mind and NEXT are better samples of such songs. There are some moments of the rather unfavorable off key vocal, but it’s a decent start towards adding to their repertoire.

As a stand-alone album Ichi Ni San –IBIZA- is a fairly enjoyable 20 minutes of dance music goodness. When looking at the bigger picture it’s an evolutionary step over their first EP Anthem. A small step, but some small movement is better than remaining stagnant or dipping into the well too many times before it runs dry.

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