STEREO TOKYO – Party People/Party Goes On Review

Stereo Tokyo Party People

Release Date: October 28, 2015

Track Lising

  1. Party People
  2. Party Goes On


STEREO TOKYO’s second single is Party People/Party Goes On picks up where their debut Electron and STEREO JAPAN’s album Anthem left off. That means more idols all up in the EDM club.

Yes it’s all about them pounding beats and squeaky synths with some idol vocals pasted on top in strategic spots. Of the two songs on this single Party People seems to be structured like a proper song with actual verses and a hook filled chorus. Okay, scratch that, there’s really no vocal hook in the chorus unless you count repeated “Party People” vocals as a hook.

Party Goes On is carried more by the instrumental than the actual vocals. The attempt at “rapping” is somewhat laughable in parts, but I figure most people who listen to this song won’t really care that much. I believe this would have been better off with that section edited out and this track treated more like a dub. But that’ s just how I see it, you may think differently.

Overall this single probably helps solidify the concept of STEREO TOKYO more than actually push the group forward in to other realms of dance music. Which is perfectly fine at this point in time. But I can see this whole EDM thing getting real tired very quickly if there isn’t at least a step towards having something more like an actual song with a complete set of lyrics and a chorus constructed around the beats within their future singles.

Until then, this will probably be satisfactory enough to anticipate what this group comes up with next.

Party People/Party Goes On


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