StylipS – Prism Sympathy Review

Stylips Prism Sympathy

Released: July 24th, 2013

Track List:

1. Prism Sympathy
2. Tsunagu Kizuna. Tsutsumu Kodoku
3. Brand-new Style!! -Mahou Mitai na Show Time- (Step Two)
(+ Instrumentals)


After the sudden departure of Yui and Kaori, this is the first release for StylipS featuring their two newest members, Ito Miku and Toyota Moe, both former Style Cube Kenshuusei who were selected by Maho and Arisa themselves to be a part of the Seiyuu Idol group. Currently, this is the first and only single release from StylipS this year (though they did release a mini and best-of album as well) which is a shame given that, just last year, the group pulled out three singles before the graduation of YuiKaori. Anyway, this is no time for moping, so let’s take a look at the single itself!

Prism Sympathy is the title song of this single, and the ending theme to the Anime Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illy. It is a rather up-beat, fun song that fits with the cuteness of all the group members voices, and is just great to listen to if you want something energetic and happy. I really like Prism Sympathy as a song, and I think it is a pretty strong tune and a good pick for the A-side of the entire single. It is also incredibly easy to sing along to, and very catchy as well. It’s been one of my loop songs for a while actually, like most of StylipS’ discography. Once again, I think that the group has been given a strong front song for their latest single, and it gives me hope that, even without YuiKaori, they are still a bit of  force to be reckoned with… in terms of Anime vocal units, that is.

The second song, Tsunagu Kizuna. Tsutsumu Kodoku (long titles… urgh) is a rather slow and well-paced song. Whilst not my favourite of the three songs present on the single, it is a very nice addition to the track list because it serves as an enjoyable contrast to the other two tracks. Admittedly, the chorus is a lot more appealing to me as opposed to the beginning of the song, because it picks up whilst still sounding a lot more mellow than Prism Sympathy does. It also has a sound to it that I can only describe as ‘Hopeful’ and ‘Wishful’, as if the instrumental sounds like it was created with Hope and dreams in mind. Maybe it’s just me, but that is what the instrumental reminds me of personally. It’s a very nice song, and I do like it, but out of all three songs present, it’s the one I am least likely to listen to.

The third and final track, aside from the Instrumentals of course, is Brand-new Style!! -Mahou Mitai na Show Time- (Step Two), which has already been a B-side on STUDY x STUDY and was also present on their mini and best-of albums, so it’s been used quite a few times already. The song now features the vocals of Miku and Moe, however, and whilst some would say it’s a bit pointless to re-release a song that has been used so much already, fans really aren’t complaining because it’s a pretty good song. It’s fun, up-beat, it includes some background chants and is just so energetic and full of life to the point where I doubt I could ever hate this song! I love energetic songs, I won’t lie, but a part of what makes me enjoy StylipS’ Brand-new Style!! -Mahou Mitai na Show Time- (Step Two) is that the members are really energetic when they sing, and it makes it catchy and great to listen to!

Overall, I like the single, with Prism Sympathy being the best track for me. Of course, with the new additions, I think that they did well and they already suit StylipS to a T, but I do miss Kaori, and I do miss that this group no longer has a more lower-toned voice in the group. They re a bit more squeaky now, and I am having a hard time telling some of them apart except for Arisa, but I do like that the group has not lost their edge and are still producing some enjoyable music that is, to me, pretty good in quality whilst still having a cute, Anime-like flare to it.

Prism Sympathy, whilst not their best single to date, is good in my opinion and shows that, even without YuiKaori in the group, they are still going strong and still producing wonderful music that their fans can enjoy. I just hope that they produce more singles next year, because I do love StylipS, and I am having a few withdrawals from them! That, and I want to see more of Moe and Miku!

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