Suite Chic – When Pop Hits The Fan

When Pop Hits The Fan Album Cover

Track Listing

  1. Hits The Fan
  2. What’s On Your Mind
  3. Good Life
  4. Baby Be Mine
  5. We Got Time
  6. Without Me
  7. Segway
  8. Damn Fight
  9. Not This Time
  10. What If
  11. Uh Uh…
  12. Sing My Life
  13. Ain’t Yours
  14. Segway
  15. Signs Of Life
  16. Just Say So
  17. Suite & Chic


Suite Chic is a collaboration that brought together some of Japan’s top R&B & Hip-Hop artists, writers & producers back in 2003. It’s also the project that helped transition Namie Amuro from pop to the now familiar sound listeners are used to hearing from her.

With all that said it’s no surprise that Amuro is featured heavily. Other J-Urban artists such as VERBAL, A.I., ZEEBRA & DABO also make appearances. After listening to the entire album l realized this could be classified as a Namie Amuro album featuring a bunch of other people.

Either way, the material on this is some incredibly strong stuff. The productions are concise & manage to grab your attention from the first note. I often wonder if there’s an instrumental only version of this album floating around somewhere because the beats are just that good.

Amuro sounds very much at home on each song & her performances seem effortless. There’s a strong similarity between the music on this & her more recent releases. Although the songs on this album tend to have a bit more of an edge in comparison.

The song that stood out for me was Signs Of Life just because it’s sung entirely in English. There are small traces of Engrish in the background vocals, but everything else was spot on.  Strangely, it’s the only ballad present. Everything else is varying degrees of heaters. Which I don’t have a problem with.

I highly reccomend this album. The cost of importing it is more than worth it.

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