SWEET BLACK feat. Maki Goto – Fly Away


I think Maki Goto has a great voice & look but I can’t really say I’m a fan of hers. I liked her How To Use Sexy album & the singles that were released before it, but her earlier solo works are relatively new to me. Until I get a stronger grasp of all her material I guess I can say I sort of have a passing interest in her music (which is better than no interest at all).

With all that in mind, I was still surprised when she left H!P for the greener pastures of Avex. My interest level in her increased because she was signed to a label with a stronger presence & a proven track record of releasing quality material.

I remember at the end of her tenure with H!P that Maki was somewhat comparable to Kumi Koda, except not as overly sexual. I was curious as to whether Avex would make her a Koda clone or not. Well I got my answer with this song.

Maki Goto Fly Away Promo

Fly Away is Goto’s first official song on the Avex label. It was released as a digital single on January 28, 2009. The sound fits within the typical Avex dance-pop mold & is definitely Koda-esque. Maybe not as aggressive as her songs, but very similar.

I don’t really find anything wrong with that since I tend to find that some Avex tracks tend to sound alike at times anyway. The only thing I really didn’t like (at first) was the lead synth, but that grew on me over repeated listens. Maki’s vocals are in fine form on this song. She seems to have developed a bit more power in her voice & she sounds better for having done so.

The PV was not what I was expecting. It’s kind of artsy & intense. You get to see 2 sides of Goto in this video. A pure, innocent kind of Maki (looking rather sexy in the bed shots & kind of creepy with that clay half mask) that I believe represents her previous idol image & a more edgier Maki (who is thankfully not skanked up) that represents her newer self breaking away from her previous image. Yeah… Something like that. Not a bad video at all really, at least I was able to get something of it unlike some of her H!P videos.

I really wasn’t expecting much out of this song but I found it to be a pleasant change from what I’m used to hearing from her. This is a good start to her Avex career & I look forward to her future releases.

Fly Away PV

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