Swinging Popsicle – flow Review

Swinging Popsicle Flow Album

Release Date: December 10, 2015

Track Listing

  1. Seseragi
  2. Small Blue Sailboat
  3. Mobile Phone
  4. At Christmas Time
  5. I’ll Be There
  6. Ribbon


Swinging Popsicle are a 3-member Japanese indie pop/rock band. The members are Fujishima Mineko (Vocals), Shimada Osamu (Guitar) and Hirata Hironobu (Bass). Formed in 1995, their career has spanned 20 years producing 5 albums and 2 EP’s. flow is their first album release since 2009’s Loud Cut.

This band has been around for a while but has recently come up on my radar. Given that I am buried in endless idol music releases and related media it shouldn’t be a surprise that they haven’ t quite snuck through that particular firewall until now.

flow is Swinging Popsicle’s return to music, coming six years after their last album. Coincidentally this album is only 6 tracks long, and for newcomers to the band like myself it’s enough to get an idea of what they are about.

More seasoned followers of the band may not be satisfied with this rather short EP. They have mentioned that there is more new material to come so for those of you clamoring for a real full-length this will have to quench your thirst for a while.

Anyway, when listening to this album I am immediately reminded of another band that have a similar easygoing type of sound, Be The Voice or for you K-Pop heads, think of Loveholic as a comparable.

With that said I can say most will discover flow is just a wee bit to the left of center, but still accessible enough for most pop music listeners to find some value in. Although it probably will be completely foreign and weird to those who don’t listen to anything outside of the bubble of mainstream music or what the radio tells them is good.

Those who are of more open mind and ears will find a very pleasing easy listening experience highlighted by Small Blue Sailboat and the cover of the Jackson 5’s I’ll Be There. Both sung in perfect English for those who are picky about that kind of thing.

But you really should listen to the entire thing as flow as whole is rather engaging and a nice change of pace if you want something mellow and sweet to wind down to or need a break from your normal music rotation.



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