Swinging Popsicle reveals track list and artwork for 20th Anniversary compilation TIME TRAVEL

Swinging Popsicle has revealed the full track list and album art for the 2-disc compilation GOLDEN☆BEST Master TIME TRAVEL ~Sony Music Years Selection~, due for release March 2nd in Japan. In addition to online orders from Sony Music Direct, the album will be available at the band’s upcoming concert event “POPS Parade Festival 2018 -IMAGINE THE MUSIC-” on March 4th at Koenji High.

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Swinging Popsicle GOLDEN☆BEST Master “TIME TRAVEL” ~Sony Music Years Selection~ Track List

Disc 1

01. Akai hikari
02. something new
03. Rainyday & Sunshine
04. Satetsu no tou (“Satellite Tower”)
05. Arubeki katachi
06. my superstar
07. Clarinet
08. Fuyuyasumi ni tsuki ~ itsuka kuru kiro ni tatte sugu tobasa renu yō ni ~
10. Shoegazer
11. Mangetsu
13. remember (Album Mix)
14. everything
15. short rain song
16. Heaven
17. Sleepy (Stay Awake!)
18. Interchange
19. Alice
20. Largo Largo
* songs 1-13 from the album Fennec! (2000)
* song 14 coupling track from the single “Remember”
* songs 15-20 from the mini-album HEAVEN (1998)

Disc 2

01. Asobi ni oideyo
02. Parade
03. Taiyou no kyujitsu
04. I Love Your Smile (Album Mix)
05. Le Jardin a Towa
06. We Will Fly
07. Kanashimi no hate
08. Beehive
09. Kitchen Table
10. Joy of Living (Album Mix)
11. Whisper of the Leaves
12. Kinou no yume
13. Windy Song
14. Tiny Drops
15. Ruby
16. Shiny Days
17. something new (CT version)

* songs 1-12 from the album SWINGING POPSICLE (1998)
* songs 13-14 coupling tracks from the single “I love your smile” (1998)
* songs 15-16 coupling tracks from the single “Joy of Living” (1997)
* song 17 from Fennec! original recording sessions (2000)


Swinging Popsicle, who made their major debut with “Joy of Living” with Sony Records in 1997, released two full albums, one mini album, and five singles during their partnership with Sony, which are now all out of print. Now expanded to 37 songs, the collection features new cover artwork and will be produced on the high-quality Blu-spec CD format, with remastered songs from Swinging Popsicle, Heaven, Fennec!, as well as the single “Satellite Tower”, the ending theme of the Fuji TV music program “HEY! HEY! HEY! MUSIC CHAMP”. TIME TRAVEL will also include a bonus track “something new (CT version)”, a never-before-released studio recording that was discovered during the band’s remastering of the original tapes.

Veterans of multiple U.S. anime conventions (FanimeCon, New York Anime Festival, Anime Mid-Atlantic), Swinging Popsicle has spent recent years contributing to Japanese game soundtracks (Sumaga – Star Mine Girl, Axanael, Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi), and released their latest EP flow in 2015.

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