T-ara – Black Eyes

Track Listing

1. Cry Cry
2. Goodbye, OK
3. O My God
4. I’m So Bad
5. Cry Cry (Ballad Version)
6. Cry Cry (Ballad Music Video Version) (Digital Only)

Released November 11, 2011

2011 has been quite the year for T-ara. John Travolta Wannabe was released back in June, they join the Korean movement into Japanese music, not to mention the various television duties such as reality shows and dramas. But now T-ara tops it off with their return to Korea and the second mini-album/EP of the year, Black Eyes.

The lead single Cry Cry does away with the huge concepts that their previous singles worked with. This time, T-ara is utilizing their vocals. Their company, Core Contents Media, must have learned a thing or two from the Brown Eyed Girls. Cry Cry blends together a bouncing baseline, guitars and T-ara’s emotionally-driven yet flexible vocals to create a delightful surprise. I love Roly Poly and Yayaya along with the next person, but Cry Cry proves that they can do the dramatic very well.

The video itself is a mini-movie. It’s rather predictable but it isn’t a bad watch. To some, the dramatic beats may turn off some because they do get a little too dramatic. That being said, I did enjoy watching it and they have me hooked for part two.

If Cry Cry is the darkest part of a drama’s OST (Original Soundtrack), then Goodbye, OK represents the light at the end of the tunnel. The protagonist realizes that something needs to change. That’s the kind of vibe this song has. If you don’t like how those songs sounded, you will be happy then that both O My God and I’m So Bad are your typical T-ara songs; bubbly, catchy and rhythms to get you to move.

Black Eyes is a good cap to T-ara’s 2011 campaign. A huge palette swap from previous releases. If you didn’t like what T-ara previously had produced, take solace in Black Eyes.

Black Eyes

T-ara - Black Eyes

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