T-ara – Day By Day

Released July 3, 2012

Track Listing

1. Day By Day

2. Holiday

3. Don’t Leave

4. Hue

5. Love Game

Day By Day marks the fourth EP/Mini-album release for T-ara, and their second major Korean musical release in 2012. It’s quite unfortunate that the allegations of the alleged “bullying” surrounding T-ara surfaced, because it dwarfed and overshadowed a good EP from the group.

The EP begins with the title track, which is in the same vein as 2011’s release of Cry Cry. Like all pop songs, its catchy. But, unlike other pop songs, it doesn’t sound like a typical bubblegum type of song. It’s a bit dark (for K-pop standards anyway), but there’s an edginess to it. A catchy-yet-edgy song? That’s a plus for me. Add that with a science fiction motif for a video, they got themselves a winner.

It’s one of those long form MVs again. But, it has Hyomin with red hair, Fifth Element style. 

The other song featured in that video is Don’t Leave. It again goes under this more adult image T-ara has done in recent memory. But if that vibe doesn’t do it for you, the other songs are more upbeat and much easier to chair-dance with. Both Hue and Love Game are much closer to a Lovey-Dovey or Roly-Poly.

But the EP as a whole does maintain to a certain degree of maturity and an adult mood (read: Brown Eyed Girls) for the duration. If you are a T-ara fan, you should have this EP. If you are a newer fan of the group, or fairly fresh to K-pop, this is worth a spin. Too bad things went bad for T-ara shortly after the release of Day By Day, because this release would have kept T-ara on a roll as one of the hottest groups in K-pop.

Day By Day

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