T-ara – Funky Town

Disclaimer: Selective Hearing has qualified this review as a single review and not an album review. Reason being, Funky Town is a repackaged album of Black Eyes with three new tracks. We have already given our thoughts on Black Eyes, so this review will only cover the three new songs. 

Track Listing:

1. Lovey-Dovey

2. 우리 사랑했잖아 (We Were In Love) (Duet with Davichi)

3. Lovey-Dovey (Club Remix)

T-ara ended 2011 with Cry Cry and kicked off 2012 with Lovey-Dovey. What a way to start the new year. Lovey-Dovey continues T-ara’s trend of repetitive, highly catchy dance songs. If you were turned off by Roly-Poly and the songs of that ilk then Lovey-Dovey doesn’t do you any favors. But, if you’re looking for the K-pop definition of a “club banger” then Lovey-Dovey is where it’s at. The marketing for this song has been pretty entertaining to witness. Five, count them, Five seperate music videos for Lovey-Dovey. As of this writing, only three have been released thus far.

The first is part two of the Cry Cry mini-drama video. If you liked the Cry Cry video and want to see more of the story, watch this video.

The second is the zombie version. Seriously. Its true. Michael Jackson’s influence is all over this video, and the choreography in general.

The third one is the Tokyo version. All it is is T-ara in Japan having fun. I did find it quite entertaining and my favorite one thus far.

The Davichi duet actually was the second song in the first MV. The song itself its an okay ballad song. It’s a good palette-swap with Lovey-Dovey. The duo of Davichi’s voices blends pretty well with the T-ara voices so there is something to be had here.

If you held out long enough, getting Funky Town as a whole is good value. For those who already got Black Eyes, I say just buy the new songs separately.

Funky Town

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