T-ara – Jewelry Box

T-ARA - Jewelry box

Release Date: June 6. 2012

Track Listing

  1. Bo Peep Bo Peep
  2. Love Me! ~Anata no Seide Kuroiso~
  3. Apple Is A
  4. Keep Out
  5. T.T.L. ~Time To Love~
  6. Roly-Poly
  7. Breaking Heart
  8. Kojinmaru
  9. Weironi
  10. Yayaya
  11. Cry Cry
  12. Lovey Dovey
  13. T-aratic Magic Music


T-ara’s debut Japanese album is a collection of their South Korean hits translated for the Japanese market. While the lack of much original material is disappointing this is pretty much par for the course for a lot of crossover K-Pop groups.

Luckily T-ara has always had strong songs so I guess that is a potential upside to what basically boils down to a glorified recycling project. Unlike some K-Pop groups T-ara’s lyrics actually translate well into Japanese and don’t sound awkward and weird. (Hi 2NE1!) Another plus I guess.

Keep Out and T-Aratic Magic Music appear to be the Japanese exclusives on this compilation and both fit well within the group’s established sound. The former plays up the retro Electro Pop blend while the latter is more what one would expect from a typical K-Pop dance production.

Really there isn’t much else to say about this album since all the songs are fairly to moderately old already. Give this a go if you need to have a complete collection of T-ara’s works or just prefer listening to them in Japanese.

Jewelry Box Pearl Edition

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Jewelry Box Sapphire Edition

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Jewelry Box Diamond Edition

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