T-ara – John Travolta Wannabe

T-ara John Travolta Wannabe

Release Date: June 30, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Roly Poly
  2. I Really Really Like You
  3. Yayaya (Remix Ver.)
  4. Whay Are You Being Like This (Remix Ver.)
  5. Ma Boo (Remix Ver.)
  6. I Don’t Know (Remix Ver.)
  7. I’m Okay (Remix Ver.)


T-ara’s second mini-album John Travolta Wannabe (How great is that title?) boggles my mind. The two new songs are entertaining. From first glance, you can tell that this mini-album is inspired by 70s disco music. The single Roly Poly and I Really Really Like You do a good job with the disco genre and updating it for a newer generation. They are the stand-outs songs off the mini-album.

But here is where things get weird. The four remixes aren’t what you expect. Literally, the remixes have about 30 seconds of new material in the beginning of the song and maybe another 30 seconds of difference somewhere in the middle of the song but then they go back to their original songs. They are exactly the same at that point. I’m not in the music industry but those aren’t remixes in the sense of that word.

So there is your warning. If you purchase this mini-album realize that those “remixes” aren’t remixes. But on the other hand, if you missed out on Temptastic, then this is worth a pick-up.

John Travolta Wannabe

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