Tablo – Fever’s End

Tablo Fever's End Part 1

Release Date: October 21, 2011

Tablo Fever's End Part 2

Release Date: November1, 2011

Track Listing

Part 1

  1. Home feat. Lee Sora
  2. Bad feat. Jinsi
  3. Airbag feat. Naul
  4. The Tide (Scratch by DJ Friz)
  5. Try feat. Bumkey

Part 2

  1. Tomorrow feat. Taeyang
  2. Trace (Scratch by DJ Tukutz)
  3. Dear TV
  4. Thank You For Breathing
  5. Expired


Tablo is a member of Epik High. Their brand of Hip-Hop is known to have tight beats intertwined with deep and soulful lyrics. When it was announced that he was signing with YG for his solo work many fans were worried that he may be turned into a commercial boy band styled rapper spitting over Electro pop beats.

With Fever’s End there’s nothing to worry about as he stays true to his roots in Epik High delivering a more authentic version of Hip-Hop than what is available on the YG roster. (Which is more Hip-Pop) This album was released in two parts. The first in late October featuring the laid back lead single Airbag with Naul. The second part was released on the first of November and featured a collaboration with fellow label mate Taeyang on Tommorrow.

Both tracks are a good indication of what you’re going to get with Fever’s End. Smooth organic Hip-Hop beats free of any Electro Pop combined with tight rhymes and tasteful guest appearances that serve a purpose other than having someone sing the hook. One would think that one part of the album would be better than the other. In this case both are equally great and I recommend listening to everything combined straight through for maximum effect.

Other than the singles check out Bad (feat. Jinsi), Trace and Thank You For Breathing. That should give you a better overview of what this album is about. If you’re a little more adventurous you can also give the Kanye West sounding Dear TV a go as well. It also happens to be the only track done completely in English.

While I found it strange that this was released as 2 parts, both were well worth the wait. The best thing about Fever’s End is that it’s easily available to overseas fans via iTunes America and Canada and I highly suggest you pick up both parts ASAP.

Fever’s End Part 1


Fever’s End Part 2


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