TakeoRey’s Top 30 K-Pop Songs of 2019

Allen a.k.a TakeoRey here sharing with you my Top 30 K-Pop songs of 2019. Now these are my highly subjective and very biased opinions influenced by outside forces like KCON and the groups a highly follow, or stan. 2019 was definitely my year back in full board into K-Pop, and man what year it has been. Let’s go.

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I have always been interested in EVERGLOW because of Yiren and Sihyeon on Produce48. I was a big fan of both of them during the show and was very hyped for their debut. Bon Bon Chocolat is strong out the gate showing off that they were going to be a girl crush concept. The iconic dance has been a favorite among K-Pop dance influencers and fans overall, I’ve seen so many people dance to this song. 

Adios came out in the summer and further explored their girl crush concept with a lot more power. Want a song to help power you through a separation? Adios is here to help. It ended up becoming more popular than Bon Bon Chocolat and I can understand why.

Personally, I was looking forward to seeing them at KCON this past year but they had to cancel. Hopefully next year they can get a few more songs under their belt and get to come stateside in 2020. Whenever my non-Kpop friends as for a recommendation similar to BLACKPINK, I always recommend EVERGLOW to them and they’ve had nothing but positive reactions. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Bon Bon Chocolat



Being TWICE’s sister group and the power of JYP behind them pretty much guaranteed popularity for ITZY. The good thing is that their songs this past year were pretty damn good and catchy. Dalla Dalla is another popular song among fan dancers and other K-Pop groups for it’s catchy and fun dance. It’s also got a great empowering message about being different is cool and loving yourself.

Icy become their first comeback ready to cool everyone off in the middle of the summer. They were Icy but on fire. The follow up is just as catchy as Dalla Dalla and I found this video better.

I got to see them at KCON LA and they were amazing, tons of fans were happy to see them perform and they were great live. I’ll be seeing them again when they are in town for their ITZY Premier Showcase Tour here in the states. https://itzy.jype.com/notice.asp?idx=260&page=&vnum=47

Dalla Dalla



The Philippines’ favorite K-Pop group, MOMOLAND had another infectious song in I’m So Hot. Keeping with the vibe set by Bboom Bboom and Baam, I’m So Hot had an easy dance that anyone can do behind a catchy tune. Now that they are down to a six person group, I’m hoping their next comeback will be a Thumbs Up.

I’m So Hot

Check out our MOMOLAND at KCON LA 2019 Video


I do not follow (G)I-DLE at all but I dug their songs in the past. This song came up in a New Music playlist and I really liked it, it had a very sultry and sexy vibe. I understand that many fans didn’t like the song but I enjoyed it.



I’m learning’s about LOONA all in reverse. I saw them at KCON LA and got caught up with all the Orbits hype. They were very impressive in their choreography live, so I’ve been learning about them more. Butterfly doesn’t sound anything like a typical K-Pop song to me, but it so good and trippy to listen to with a great set of headphones. Seeing their performances, even still photos of the song, you can tell how synchronized and how powerful they are. I’ll continue to go back and dig into their history in some spare time. #StanLOONA



Another slow and sultry song that is always a great listen. I loved the video more, showing how fake and silly social media can be. She even highlights how stupid trends can be, it was a great “gotcha” moment to those that rely on it too much



They were never on my radar until I saw them at KCON LA. Their stage presence live absolutely got everyone started hyped on a great note and was the start of a different type of concert on day 2 as opposed to day 1. They sounded great live and even did some covers of Queen and Dalla Dalla that night. Even the, the lasting memory was everyone waving their arms in the air during Rooftop.


Stray Kids

I don’t know much about Stray Kids but their songs always came up on my playlists. They were very impressive live at KCON as well. Side Effects ended up being my favorite song of their’s in 2019.

Side Effects

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