TakeoRey’s Top 30 K-Pop Songs of 2019

Chung Ha

Another sultry slow vibe song with awesome dance moves that got me right on first watch. It was a shame that she cancelled at KCON, I was super excited to see her perform as the only solo artist.

Gotta Go


This also came up on a random playlist and I thought it was an anime theme at first listen. On further review, I learned about Day6 and this fast paced song really gets me amped up. One example was that it came up before I went running, it stuck so well with me that it became a permanent song on my workout playlist. COME ON!

Time of Our Life


I knew absolutely nothing about VERIVERY going into KCON so I had no expectations seeing them. They impressed me so much because of the 90’s r&b pop vibes. It took me back to some of the groups I knew as a kid, very much 90’s boy band vibes. Both songs had me flashback to those days, Ring Ring Ring more but Tag Tag Tag was great too.

Tag Tag Tag

Ring Ring Ring


Apparently I always listened to MAMAMOO’s music but I didn’t know who they were. Thanks to their appearance at KCON, I’m fully aware of who they were. It was great to finally put faces to their music, even if it was only three of them. They always seem high powered and full of bass with their female sassyness and they did not disappoint. The video for gogobebe is funny and Hip put a little funk in their music. I didn’t miss that Big Gold championship belt on the wall, saw it right away.




I knew a little bit about ATEEZ when Wave came into recommended playlist. I loved the the summer tropical feel of the song especially the simple dance that went with it. HAKUNA MATATA YA! On the opposite end, I didn’t know about HALA HALA until I saw it live and that song just hits you in the face with its awesome powerful dance. I saw them pull this off perfectly live at KCON and it was amazing. Plus I love the slow start into such a powerful yet subdued chorus all highlighted by the dance moves. I loved the MV where you couldn’t see any faces, just all of them masked up in black, it made you stay focused on the dance. I hope to see more from them in 2020.


Hala Hala (Hearts Awakened, Live Alive)

Weki Meki

Another recommended song. I love the groovy feel of this song, it has a lot of energy and an easy to follow chorus. That being said, I actually thought they were saying “I’m so freaky freaky” for the longest time. I like Picky Picky as well but I’ll still catch myself saying Freaky Freaky on accident. LOL.

Picky Picky


I couldn’t avoid this song, it was everywhere! I had high expectations. I remember first hearing it and was a bit disappointed thinking that this was definitely “a song made for Coachella” and that I couldn’t un-hear the elephants. Plus I felt that Boombayah and Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du were better songs that I loved more. That being said, even my non-K-Pop friends new about Kill This Love and it was even on the radio for them to hear. Their exposure at Coachella got them rave reviews and brought in so many non-K-Pop fans, they were on American talk shows, their influence was felt  everywhere. It’s a shame that all of their momentum seems to be at a halt with the YG Burning Sun scandal.

Kill This Love

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