TakeoRey’s Top 30 K-Pop Songs of 2019


They ended KCON LA weekend with such a strong stage presence and performance, but what I remember the most was the slower jam that was Good To Me. I love the live dance to this, I find myself doing the chorus part randomly without even thinking. The chorus is pretty easy to sing to and great to hear a live crowd chant a long.

Good To Me


Violeta was my song of the Spring. As a WIZ*ONE from day one, their first Korean comeback hit me in the face and set the bar higher for the 12 girls. As much as I loved La Vie en Rose, Violeta took a similar but faster vibe with a few more peaks and valleys. I couldn’t decide between Up or Highlight as at first I liked the more bubbly idol like song of Up, but seeing Highlight live won out for the rest of the year. Another slower sultry bass filled song that rocks any arena, car speakers, or headphones, Highlight kills it. The dance is crazy good live as well. 

IZ*ONE were the main reason I went to KCON when first announced and I’m glad I finally saw them live. After two lackluster Japanese singles, IZ*ONE was primed for their third Korean album with BLOOM*IZ. Unfortunately the Produce 101/48 Voting scandal halted all activity for them for two months. With so many fans craving for more, it looks like we won’t have a Fiesta until 2020. WIZ*ONES will be waiting.




FUN! was my song of the Summer. It had been a long wait for us flovers since Love Bomb. I loved everything about the song and the video, I always had a strange prediction that if you start your song with the chorus, it will be super catchy and infectious that everyone will remember, and I was right! 

Love RUM PUM PUM had the feel of a very 80’s 90’s idol pop song that won me over right away. Super cute dance and all the girls got to shine. As much as I hate fan chants, I tried to do this one because of how powerful the fans were.

fromis_9 were the second reason I went to KCON. I saw them a lot on the con floor and they are absolutely beautiful in person! I also got to spend a lot of time with the international flovers and they were all really cool. It’s unfortunate they they are also going through limited activities with their own Idol School scandal similar to the Produce Voting scandal. I hope we don’t have to wait long again for their next comeback in 2020.



Red Velvet

If there was a song that I liked 1/3 of, it was Zimzalabim. Some people compared it to Girls Generation, I Got A Boy and when I first heard that I was in love even though it was pretty polarizing at the time. This has some similarities but I didn’t like it right away. I didn’t really dig the chorus and the video was crazy, they had crystal elephants! It grew a bit on me as my non-K-Pop friends loved when the bass kicks in whenever Zimzalabim is said.

Umpah Umpah on the other hand I enjoyed right away. It was a return to form as far as SM songs go and for me had that 90s summer feel in the chorus that I can’t put my finger on but it is so familiar that it was on more times than Zimzalabim. I’m also a sucker for the lyrics calling back to their previous singles. Now the theory that just came out about Umpah Umpah… whoa! Brought a whole new meaning to this song now.

Psycho just came out a few days ago to wrap up the ReVe Festival and did it with so much Velvet style. Love everyone’s parts with Irene’s “Original Visual” line standing out. Love that the video went away from the crazy colors of the first two songs for more a subdued tone to match the song. This ended up being my favorite of the trio of songs in the ReVe Festival.

On top of all that, their B-sides were excellent on each day. They really killed it in 2019.

Red Velvet will have a tough start to 2020 as they have to go without Wendy, who has been killing it in all the singles, after she suffered an injury at a live event. #GETWELLWENDY


Umpah Umpah



TWICE could do no wrong in 2019, even they had strong Japanese singles. FANCY had a good beat for me and felt like a very safe song from them when I first heard it. But of course they had an infectious dance and chorus that kept everyone wanting more.

I preferred Feel Special. The video hit me right in the feels when Mina shows up in the beginning and how the stories played out. Of course Mina’s lines really hit all of us where we can empathize with not only what she is going through but what others are as well.

On a lighter note, Momo’s forehead has been set free and everyone loves it! What about Dahyun’s slut drop in her rap? Damn!

TWICE sits comfortably on top but they as well have some crazy troubles. Hopefully we can see them again as OT9 in 2020.


Feel Special


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