Teriyaki Boyz – Beef or Chicken

Beef Or Chicken Album Cover

Track Listing

  1. Eat Intro
  2. The Takeover
  3. Heartbreaker
  4. Celebrity Death Match
  5. School Of Rock
  6. Cho Large
  7. Shout Out For Delivery
  8. Moon The World
  9. Konya wa Baggy Pants
  10. You Know What Time Is It?
  11. Kamikaze 108


Teriyaki Boyz are a Hip-Hop group consisting of  MC’s from various Japanese Hip-Hop groups.  The members are Iimari, Ryo-Z (Rip Slyme), VERBAL (m-flo), WISE & DJ Nigo.  Beef or Chicken is their debut album and features some prominent Hip-Hop & Electronica producers. (i.e. The Neptunes, DJ Premier, Mark Ronson, Daft Punk, etc.)

The beats on Beef or Chicken remind me of old school Hip-Hop party tracks.  Some of my favorites being the Daft Punk sampling Heartbreaker, Celebrity Death Match,  the RUN DMC-like School of Rock & Kamikaze 108.

If I had to narrow it down, Kamikaze 108 is my pick for favorite track on the album.  It’s such a simple, yet extremely catchy track.  It shows that you don’t have to always overdo it on the production to make a kick-ass song.  Sometimes the simple approach is best.

The verses are a 50/50 split of English & Japanese that have lyrics that sometimes fall in to the trap of talking about the same stupid, vapid shit that everyone hates about commercial Hip-Hop.  Fortunately those topics are mostly avoided in most of the songs.

For a debut album this is surprisingly solid all the way through.  There’s not a bad track on here,  which I find a to be a rarity. (especially for a  Hip-Hop album)

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