Teriyaki Boyz feat Pharrell & Chris Brown – Work That

Work That feat. Pharrell & Chiros Brown / TERIYAKI BOYZ

I like the Teriyaki Boyz, they have some catchy songs.  Work That feat. Pharrell & Chris Brown is their latest release.  It’s a club track that sounds kind of like a Neptunes production (although I’m not quite sure).  It’s not as epic as some of their previous releases like Tokyo Drift, Heart Breaker, I Still Love H.E.R. or Zock On! but I find it to be decent.  The major flaw in this song being that it gets repetitive fairly quickly.

Unfortunately the Teriyaki Boyz have some crappy videos to go along with their songs. (Except for I Still Love H.E.R.  That was kinda creative.)  Their videos are usually just long BAPE ads sometimes featuring American Hip-Hop stars.  This video adds a new element to the mix…  Copious amounts of ass.  Yup, there’s a whole lot of booty shaking going on, which I have no issue with.  I welcome it. =)  In fact 90% of this video is just the group standing in front of some butt.

In the end, decent song & surprisingly decent video. (for obvious reasons)

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