That’s My Jam: Busted – A Present for Everyone

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Released November 17th, 2003

Track Listing

  1. Air Hostess
  2. Crashed the Wedding
  3. Who’s David
  4. She Wants to be Me
  5. 3am
  6. Falling for You
  7. Over Now
  8. Fake
  9. Meet You There
  10. Why
  11. Better Than This
  12. Can’t Break Thru
  13. Nerdy


I was never a fan of boy bands even when I was a kid, but A Present for Everyone by the boy band Busted was the first ever album I had asked for, and the first that I did not have to share with anyone else. Sadly, this was also the second and final studio album that the band created before breaking up in 2005, but at the time of this album’s release Busted were the biggest boy band in the UK (and also quite well liked in Japan, interestingly enough) and nearly all of my generation and older enjoyed their music. The Busted boys were young, fresh and fun, and they really knew how to entertain their audience with their antics and choice of sound.

Looking back at this album really brings back the memories of how much I enjoyed and loved this band; this album is my earliest memory of truly enjoying a group for their music and indulging in the songs relentlessly no matter how much it may have annoyed the members of my family I enjoyed this album, and I have a feeling that over-looped it a few times because I enjoyed it so much, and now that I am listening to it once again, I can understand why because to me this is a pretty amazing album, and I love the songs featured on A Present for Everyone.

The album holds some of Busted’s popular A-side songs from previous singles, such as Crashed the Wedding and Who’s David, and my personal favorite Air Hostess, but also holds some gems like the final song on the track list Nerdy, which I found myself listening to a lot back when I was younger, and even now. I find the song pretty fun to listen to with great lyrics that speak pretty strongly about being a nerd and pursing the girl you like despite your popularity differences. Quite a few of the songs on this album have pretty meaningful lyrics, actually, but mostly the songs that are a lot slower and more like rock ballads than pop tunes, because songs like Air Hostess or She Wants to be Me are fun and pretty crude if you give the album a good listen, but now that I understand the meaning of the lyrics I happen to find them entertaining and very true to how boys their age think; and that makes the song all the more fun to listen to.

And that is one of the things that I really like about this album and Busted as a whole; how realistic the lyrics seem in the songs provided. The lyrics don’t sound sugar coated at all, and are not there to just appeal to the frantic pleas of girls finding love; Busted is, very much, a band that was able to put their feelings into a songs lyrics and produce a song that was realistic to how boys their age, older or younger happened to feel when it came to girls and a relationship. Who’s David and 3am are fantastic songs which I think portray how good their lyrics are in a realistic and emotional way, whilst songs like Air Hostess and Falling For You pretty much speak about the sexual appeal of women and how guys feel when they see someone they like more than anything, but still manage to be realistic and yet extremely funny too.

Of course I have a song or two I do not actively listen to like others, such as the song Fake which is actually pretty good when I give it the time of day, but it is one of the songs I generally ignore on this album, and a song which I really do underrate called Why, but when I do listen to these songs I do appreciate them and enjoy them a great deal like the rest of the songs, but they do not appeal as much as the other songs on this album do for me as a listener.

Overall this is a great album; it was the first album I ever bought, and even now it is one of my all time favorite albums to listen to. Busted were a great band for the short time they were around making the magic that was their music, and they had such realistic and wonderful lyrics that I enjoyed back then, and enjoy even more now. This album is filled with fun songs, serious songs, and realistic lyrics that plenty of people (mostly young men) could relate to, something that popular boy bands in the UK lack now thanks to the sugar-coated lyrics that send the girls squealing with joy and dreams of happy marriages and boys serenading them. I liked Busted a lot, and I really do miss them, but what they created was pretty darned awesome and extremely fun to listen to.

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