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NOTE: I actually don’t think that this is all Happy Hardcore that I have listed though, however I could never distinguish club remixes and happy hardcore from each other, so my bad if any of this is simply a club remix.

This weeks review is not about a specific song or album, it’s about an entire genre. This is mostly down to the fact that I can not pin-point one album or single that I really got into, because it was more like a cluster of songs from different CD’s as opposed to one set track-list that was ready made for me as a listener. The genre I will be taking about today that I grew up listening to is Happy Hardcore.

Growing up, my older siblings influenced me in various ways, such as what I liked and what I wanted to play in terms of games. When it came to music, my oldest brother introduced me and my younger sister to Happy Hardcore, or happycore, and I was pretty much hooked on it from then on, or at least until I developed my own tastes in music, but I can’t deny that I still like it and will listen to it if I can remember a particular song that I was obsessed with in my younger days.

I remember Happy Hardcore being particularly popular in the 90’s and early 2000’s, around the time I was into it, especially in Europe where most of these remixes were created. Many artists would take existing songs and remix them, mostly ballads, giving these songs a fast tempo and a ‘happy’ sound, hence Happy Hardcore. A few songs that I remember being ballads before hearing them as remixes include Titanic’s Ocean of Memories and a song called Shooting Star. There were also remixes of songs I had never heard before, and more often than not, I was surprised that these really cool club songs had once been ballads – Imagine my surprise when I eventually found out that Truly Madly Deeply was actually a ballad and sung by Savage Garden.

One of the songs that I remember the most from my days as a pre-teen listening to Happy Hardcore has to be the song Fly One The Wings of Love; this was, once upon a time, one of those songs that I looped like crazy and never got tired of, and it was certainly my jam. I really enjoyed listening to this song, I still do, because it’s so easy to sing along to and the beat is extremely happy and well paced. It’s also extremely catchy, which is probably why I really liked it and never stopped playing it.

I also remember watching the music video to the Clubland remix of the song on the TV in my younger days; this song came out around 2003, so youtube had yet to be created, and the only times that I ever happened to watch the music video for this song was when it came on the music channel, and even then I preferred the song over the video. Regardless, it’s a pretty good video to watch, and the animation is very Mini Moni worthy if you ask me.

Another song I remember is Flip & Fills Shooting Star – I actually remember this song quite a lot, though I rarely venture to listen to it now, but much like Fly On The Wings of Love, Shooting Star was one of my must-play jams, though I remember listening to a different version to the one I have linked; there are actually a few versions of this song, but the one I enjoyed listening to was very fast-paced and had a repetitive beat in the background which I could bang my head to happily.

This is another one of those songs that I could easily sing to, as well; it was pretty easy to get into as well, a reason why I quite like it, and incredibly catchy. Then again, most Happy Hardcore songs are very catchy, but I quite liked this one in particular.

From what I know, this is actually an original song and was also Flip & Fill’s most popular single to sell back when it was released in 2002. It earned a very well-deserved #3 spot on the UK Hits and became a popular Eurobeat remix song that was featured in clubs and the like for all of those Happy Hardcore lovers and ravers.

Another song I rather enjoyed is the song Hardcore Feelings (the name is extremely fitting), however I preferred a more chipmunk ed version of this song. I also never watched the video to this – no idea why.

I remember this song being extremely catchy and quite fun to listen to, and I really like the chorus because it was energetic, it had an infectious and repetitive beat that I really got into and, again, the chipmunk voice – but as I said, it was a different version that I had listened to when I was younger and not this version, which I think is closer to the original song but has more of a beat to it that was suited for clubs. In fact, I remember that the remix that I had heard was a DJ Cammy version, who actually remixed a few other songs I listened to from the Happy Hardcore family, such as Country Roads, a song that I loved way before I realised that it was a country song or in the Ghibli film Whisper of the Heart.

It’s a very good chipmunk song, I tell you. But I also love the original version of Country Roads, but this song is certainly the reason behind why I love the original version.

Happy Hardcore, as a genre, was a key point in my musical interest as a growing child; I always listened to it a lot, and for a while it was probably the only genre I would listen to because it was so fun, catchy and interesting. I enjoyed how happy everything sounded, and the repetitive beats were incredibly infectious and fun, but I think that it also opened me up to a lot more genres of music as well, especially ballads; nearly all Happy Hardcore songs are remixes of another song, so when looking for these songs, I would obviously come across the original and listen to it, allowing me to dabble in the originals as well and expand how I listened to, and saw, music, making Happy Hardcore a core (haha) part of my musical influence whilst growing up.

I miss Happy Hardcore now that I have reminisced. Maybe I should go and listen to some, and rev up my Hardcore Feelings?

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