That’s My Jam: PaRappa The Rapper Soundtrack

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Parappa The Rapper

Released December 16, 1996

Track Listing

  1. PaRappa’s Greeting
  2. The Jet Baby
  3. Lovely SunnyFunny
  4. Bad Guys Are Coming!
  5. Joe Chin Is Here
  6. Enter Daydreams
  7. Beat Them Away!
  8. Yeah! I Know!
  9. Chop Chop Master Onion’s RAP
  10. Knock You Out!
  11. Sign of Happiness
  12. Down With Attitude
  13. Far Behind
  14. Smooth Life of Mine
  15. Feeling Dizzy
  16. Drive in the Air
  17. Instructor Mooselini’s RAP
  18. Happy Ringing
  19. It Is Fine Today!
  20. Heavenly
  21. Paradise
  22. Rush to the Moon
  23. Prince Fleaswallow’s RAP
  24. Alive Again
  25. Donuts Head
  26. Sugar Song
  27. Round & Round
  28. Cake Bomb
  29. Anger of People
  30. Cooking Chicken’s Show
  31. Cheep Cheep The Cooking Chicken’s RAP
  32. Cloud 9
  33. Straight to Hell
  34. Love You RAP
  35. The Dawn of Hope
  36. Toilet Express
  37. Return of Masters
  38. All Masters’ RAP
  39. On Fire!
  40. Lose Heart
  41. PaRappa’s Live RAP (feat. MC King Kong Mushi)
  42. Thank You For Everything
  43. Katy & Sunny Funny Band Anthem
  44. Funny Love


In 1997 (’96 in Japan), PaRappa The Rapper was released on the Playstation 1, then later re-released on the PSP in 2007. A rhythm game where you play as PaRappa, a paper-thin dog who wants to impress his love, Sunny Funny. To do that, he gets into wacky adventures such as learning kung-fu and getting his driver’s license, all with the power of rap!

The soundtrack features the music from the game, such as title card music and other soundbites. But, the real reason the soundtrack is getting featured is because of the raps that are core to the game. The hottest raps from PaRappa’s mentors such as Chop Chop Master Onion and Instructor Mooselini are here in all it’s glory.

They’re goofy, over-the-top, but they are also so much fun. Take the first stage where PaRappa learns to kick and punch.

The game only has six stages, but it does prove to be a challenge when in stage five, PaRappa’s car has an empty tank, but he needs to use the bathroom really bad, and to use the bathroom, he must battle every teacher to use it. I haven’t played the PSP version, but I do recall that’s the stage I got stuck on with the PS1 version due to the timing of the button presses being extremely tight.

PaRappa The Rapper remains one of my favorite games from the PS1. The plot was enjoyable and ridiculous in a way only Japan could produce. While there are only six songs to play, they are memorable. In the same way I remember Final Fantasy VIII’s Eyes On Me, I remember the music from PaRappa just as vividly. Unlike FF8, the music from PaRappa is the game. Compared to modern-day rhythm games, the gameplay is very rudimentary. But, that is what makes PaRappa, PaRappa. The game doesn’t get in the way of you enjoying it. Enjoyed it, I certainly did.

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