That’s My Jam: S Club 7 – Reach

S Club 7 Reach

Released: May 22nd, 2000

Track List:

1. Reach
2. Someday, Someway


Back in 1998, when I was still a little tyke and avidly listening to cheesy pop groups of that era, there was S Club 7. They later became known as S Club when the member Paul Cattermole decided to depart from the band in 2002, and the group officially disbanded back in 2003, giving the group a sweet run for just a little over half a decade in which they released 11 singles, 4 studio albums, 1 compilation album, various serial and special shows on TV, a Documentary serial and a movie. As you can probably tell already, they were a pretty big deal in England back when the group were in their prime before their disbandment.

Of course, like most groups out there, S Club (7) have had a re-formation of sorts at one point, and possibly will again if the opportunity ever arises. But I digress.

The single I decided to look at for this group is Reach, the fourth single from the British pop group. This was one of my favourite songs growing up, and a song that I avidly danced to in my bedroom or when I was with my niece. I adored it so much, and I possibly looped it half to death, too. Listening to it now, I still can’t help but love this song, though not in the same way as I used to. I was passionate about this song as a child, I adored it so much and would listen to it constantly, and really… what child wouldn’t enjoy it? It has a fun, up-tempo beat, the lyrics are hopeful and cheesy to the point where you want to  roll your eyes at how bad they are, and it has a fun atmosphere around it that makes you want to jump around. It’s a song that was meant for children, and back when S Club 7 were still shiny, new and making money, this was a song that kids absolutely adored, alongside the rest of their discography.

The B-side to this single is Someday, Someway, a cover of Marshall Crenshaw’s original song. The song has been given a bit of a pop makeover, with a more up-beat sound to fit in with what was, at that point in time when this single was released, modern and current for S Club 7. This song is dominated by one of the male members of S Club 7, possibly Paul, with the rest of the members joining as backing vocals and chorus. It’s a fun song, but not something I would go out of my way to listen to now, however it has rather hopeful and cheesy lyrics, fitting in with the cheesy pop style that was dominating the early 2000’s when it came to the music scene.

Looking back at the single now as an adult, and someone who now enjoys Japanese music, I find the lyrics and overall style of the song typically cheesy, but still fun and youthful. I know well that the song was aimed towards a younger market, and even now I still enjoy the song Reach. In fact, there are a few songs of S Club (7) that I still enjoy, but they will be left for another day, I expect.

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