The Downward Spiral

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I’m pretty sure that many readers of this site have noticed that my contributions have mostly centered around AKB48 lately. That is not by mistake, ever since I took the plunge into their unfamiliar world I have been knee deep in absorbing all of their material both past and present.

Since I started this journey into uncharted territory there has been varied responses from those who converse with me on a regular basis. Some are elated that I have joined the ranks of AKB fans (Yet they have not shown me the secret handshake.) while others have stated that I am now heading in a downwards spiral towards the dark side.

That statement I must take issue with. Yes, I am firstly a Hello! Project fan but I never said I was exclusively one. Otherwise the name of this site would be totally different, the color scheme in line with the sunshine, unicorns & rainbow type of attitude and the logo would probably be some variant of the Kool-Aid man hopped up on his own happy juice.

No, I am a fan of whatever tickles my fancy. And if I’m going to be brutally honest (When am I not really?) a lot of what Hello! Project has to offer is either boring me to tears or is becoming completely out of the realm of being relatable.

I still have much love for certain parts of Hello! Project (Well let’s put whatever pandering crap Morning Musume is shilling in as an exception.) but there’s only so much one can take before they go off to get that rush of an idol fix elsewhere.

Momusu is back at grade school age and S/Mileage without Yuuka is dead to me. I like Mano Erina’s ass but her music is still hit & miss for the most part. At the moment the “kids” groups are what are keeps me on the good ship H!P.

I don’t see the move to AKB land as a downward spiral. If it were the other way around and I were an AKB fan first and was going to H!P land then yes, dive baby dive. I see this more of a lateral transition. Seeing how the other half lives so to speak. How some can still have the attitude that it’s a less than desirable choice in musical life is beyond me.

All idol music is the same stuff in different packaging. What makes AKB different from H!P in my mind is that there is still some sense of urgency in making the best product possible and trying to be innovative. (Well as innovative as one can get with an idol group.)

Whereas H!P is comfortable just being complacent with what they’re doing, failing to try anything new because it’ll rock the boat too much. Why change what’s working? They’re still making money hand over fist from easily impressed wota who like the status-quo.

Plus there’s actual women in AKB so I don’t feel so damn creepy watching them all. Well except for Matsui Jurina. Damn you all to hell all of you who told me how old she actually is. Thanks for ruining the fantasy you bastards!

Anyway, I’m not saying one is better than the other. Far be it for me to start this entire stupid fight again. There’s things I like and dislike about both camps. The other side just happens to be where I’m residing right now.

The best way to think of this is to imagine AKB like a shiny new toy & I’m discovering all the wonderfulness of it all. Eventually I will get bored with it and go back to playing with the box it came in. (a.k.a. H!P)

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