The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince – Game Review


The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince is about…well, exactly that!

It’s a cute, dark, fairy tale-like story about leading someone beloved through a string of seemingly endless lies, because you’re too scared of losing them through the truth.
It’s not a new story concept by any means, but it’s told well. And more importantly, told charmingly, which really makes some of the more predictable parts of the story acceptable.

And it’s good enough to motivate you through the game play that may seem unending at times.


Despite the princess and prince not having too many revealed personality traits (she’s actually a wolf who likes singing, he likes flowers), the 2 character puzzle-like gameplay spent leading the prince around makes you kind of care for his blind ass.

There’s also the witch and a multitude of monsters, some of whom have their own mini stories.

Each have their reasons for what they do, but none of them are super deep characters. Yet the presentation of them is charming, which to me was the main factor in making them likable.


This game is a side-scrolling 2 character puzzle game, where as the princess, you have to figure out how to lead the prince safely through the game.

Yet just when you start viewing him as a liability, the game starts throwing in mechanics where you can’t get through the stage without his help. This also contributes to the story and fondness towards the characters.

The puzzles themselves are pretty fun and creative. But because there’s no real way to gauge progress in the game, sometimes it just feels like a long string of never-ending, meaningless puzzles.


Very beautiful, enjoyable instrumental background music while you’re playing the game. However, it’s not exactly memorable. I had to look it up to while writing this review to get a refresher.


This game has very story book, dark fairy tale-like visuals with a hand-drawn feeling.

Despite character design not being completely to my taste, it all melds so well with the surrounds, music, and game play.


This is a game that was put together very well. Everything feels intentional and well woven together between the visuals, music, characters, and story.

Despite parts of it dragging on a little, it was still a very fun experience and more than worth the time I put into it.

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