The New Normal


Anyone who has been paying attention to the news knows that we are in the age of Coronamania running wild (brother!). The majority of the planet is now confined to training, saying their prayers and eating their vitamins in the comfort of their homes.

Bang Head on Desk

For those with a social butterfly personality that can be a living hell. Others may not find it so bad to be away from people. Because you know, people suck. Whichever way you lean towards the way we all live has been altered. The current state of the world has also negatively affected people in one way or another. For us, it means that the events and trips we had planned for this year are no longer a possibility since they have been or will be cancelled.

KCON New York has already been given the axe, and we expect KCON Los Angeles to be on the chopping block soon. Some of the staff had tickets to other concerts such as (G)I-DLE, ATEEZ and BTS, which have been delayed or are soon to be cancelled. We also had plans to attend things like Hatsune Miku Expo and an AEW Dynamite taping. Still, those are also most likely not going to happen.

Anyone who believes this whole COVID-19 business is going to end by summer is giving themselves a sense of false hope. It’s better to accept that 2020 is a wash for anything that even remotely gathers a large amount of people together. You are better off planning for 2021 (or 2022), depending on how your nation manages to flatten the curve.

And that is what I have instructed the staff to do. There’s no point in looking forward to something that won’t happen this year.

Anime Guy at Desk

For me, that means that for the first time in many years, I will actually be home for New Year’s Eve. It is terrible that my Japan trip streak will be broken. The silver lining in all this is that I will have a lot more saved for a more significant future trip, such as doing a split between South Korea and Japan.

When it comes to content for this site? Well, in theory, there should be more coming your way. Given that most of us have other responsibilities outside of writing for Selective Hearing, nothing may change, and you’ll just see the monthly contributions pop up.

A lot will depend on how motivated everyone is, to be honest. I have a few things that I’m working on, but they take a bit longer to complete than just a single article. We do have a podcast coming down the pipe eventually. That’s about it, I think, for big projects.

Anyway, do your part to get society back to as close to normal as possible. Stay inside. Catch up on all the things you missed out on because the distractions of the outside world took you away from them. Catch up on shows you wanted to watch. Play some video games. Learn a new skill such as a language or cooking. Listen to music. If you have never relaxed in your life then do nothing but stare at the ceiling.

If you must venture out, practice whatever measures your government and medical officials say are appropriate to protect yourself and others in the wild.

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