The theme song for the Red Bull BC One World Final 2016 is Daichi Miura’s “(RE)PLAY”

“(RE)PLAY” is the theme song of the world’s biggest one on one break dance battle tournament world championship “Red Bull BC One World Final 2016,” , the dancers in the music video are incredible. It is amazing to have s**t kingz, PURI and Shingo Okamoto, the worldwide dancers who have been supporting Daichi by appearing in many of his music videos and live shows, however, there are more globally respected dancers who have joined”(RE)PLAY.”

TAISUKE, who is the No.1 breakdancer in Japan and among the top in the world appears in the video. GUCCHON a world champion popper who has won world competitions, Hilty & Bosch, the lock dance unit, who have more than 25 million views and GO GO BROTHERS, a Japanese lock dance brother unit who have also won many world competitions joined too. Also, Mr. Wiggles, who grew up in the Hip Hop world of the early 70s and is a legend of street dance, YNOT who is the member of the world No.1 break dance team, “Rock Steady Crew” joined from outside of Japan. Those 14 super dancers plus Daichi Miura got together and formed the dream team.

Daichi Miura

The music video is mainly constructed with dance scenes. Daichi jumps in to genres that he usually doesn’t do and breaks, pops, locks and dances with professionals from each genre of dancing. The highlight of the video is the scene where Daichi and the 14 super dancers perform together and solo simultaneously during the last chorus. This overwhelming scene shows their desire for viewers to play the video repeatedly and because of their amazing performance, you don’t know where to focus your attention.

I was able to find a new extension of myself and talents so I enjoyed a sense of accomplishment after the shooting.

– Daichi Miura

As the lyrics of the song say, “Everything is a highlight” in this music video, so let’s check it out with many replays.

“(RE)PLAY” is also available on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music around the world. Please check it out.

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