The Untold Story: Tsunku’s Greatest Audition Oversight

The following is a parody and a complete figment of Hiro’s crazy imagination. It should not be taken as serious news, although if it did happen, it probably wouldn’t surprise anyone.

We all know that Tsunku has let a few diamonds in the rough get through auditions without either recognizing the potential he had in front of him, or him not thinking they were Hello! Project material. Koda Kumi (Morning Musume 2nd Tsuika Audition 1999), Minegishi Minami (Hello! Project Kids Audition 2002), and Kashiwagi Yuki and Sato Sumire (Morning Musume Happy 8 Ki Audition 2006) are all examples of future successful recording stars that for one reason or another, Tsunku passed over.

I’ve found out that during the Morning Musume Kyuukie Audition in 2010, Tsunku did it again. This may have been his greatest oversight and proof positive that Tsunku is just losing his touch of assessing future talent.

In order to protect my sources, I am unable to show you the footage, but please see the following pictures taken from hidden cameras within the audition room.

Tsunku was not amused with the young girl’s attire for the audition and asked her to leave the audition immediately.

Makoto, Tsunku’s longtime friend, Sharam Q band mate, and assistant for the auditions, was heard questioning the producer’s abrupt dismissal of the young auditionee. Tsunku held firm to his decision.

What Tsunku didn’t realize was he dismissed a girl who had just made a name for herself in the NTV drama Mother. Shortly after her failed Morning Musume audition, she would become greatly in demand as Japan’s top child actress. In 2011, her singing duet with Suzuki Fuku, “Maru Maru Mori Mori!” was Oricon’s #8 single of the year. In addition, her solo debut “Suteki na Nichiyobi ~Gyu Gyu good day!~” sold better than any of the 2011 Hello! Project releases.

Tsunku was recently asked why he dismissed Ashida Mana so quickly, without even letting her sing. He replied that he didn’t recall an Ashida Mana being at the audition. When he was reminded of her chicken costume, his jaw dropped and he turned sickly pale.

Being the genius he is, Tsunku did take something out of Mana’s failed Morning Musume audition.

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