There Will Be Blood

It was announced on the Anime Expo website, Twitter and Facebook that AKB48 are going to perform at this years convention. It was also mentioned via their web show that Mano Erina is an industry guest. (this has yet to be officially announced or confirmed by UFA or Mano Erina)

I have to hand it to the folks at AX, they certainly like to create an exciting atmosphere. To have H!P and AKB fans converge in the same place is (for some) like mixing two explosive elements. Many of you who follow Japanese girl idol groups know of the bad blood between fans of both groups.

There is already talk from hard liners that “there will be blood” (whatever that means) at AX. Can anyone take that seriously? Is it possible to imagine a group of girl group idol fans engaged in epic Lord Of The Rings style fights that would bring levels of violence not seen in L.A. since the street gang wars between the Bloods and Crips?

It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? This isn’t going to be a clash of the titans and no one will unleash the Kracken. I feel that fans of both groups will be respectful and perhaps there will only be a few hard headed idiots who will try to incite something like a riot or protest or something equally stupid.

The result will be them getting kicked out and banned from the con for being a dumbass. If you’re planning on doing any of that save your money and stay home. No one needs your kind around ruining everyone else’s enjoyment.

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