Thou Shalt Not Give Up Thy Ass

Minegishi Minami 2013

Those who follow the Japanese idol music world have probably heard through whatever grapevine they use that AKB48 member Minegishi Minami broke one of the ten commandments of female idols by spending the night at the home of a member of GENERATIONS member Shirahama Alan.

This news of course has a lot of idol fans all shook up because another girl has decided that her own carnal desires were more important than keeping herself chaste and pure and ruining the fantasy for her many fans who want to be the ones to deflower her.

Minegishi’s fans can be comforted in knowing that she will not be excommunicated from the group and instead will be “demoted” to kenkyuusei as punishment for her blatant disregard of the rules. Some may be calling this unfair or blaming Sashihara Rino for setting precedent for getting away with bad behavior.

Fans who have a sensible head on their shoulders know that this whole “demotion” thing is a complete waste of time and is only meant to keep Minegishi in the fold until the entire thing blows over.

Why get rid of one of your more popular members because she decided to ride the Choo Choo Train of an EXILE affiliated member? If she were fucking a Johnny’s boy then perhaps there would be grounds for dismissal. I guess it would depend on whom right?

Anyway, calmer heads are the minority and the majority of fans are freaking out as if an asteroid is about to hit the earth and destroy everything precious to them.

If you want to read some good Encyclopedia Dramatica garbage then just head on down to any major English language idol forum or web site and grab your popcorn as you read the Minegishi Minami comment threads.

You’ll be scratching your head wondering what the hell is wrong with people. Especially when it comes to her new choice of haircut.

What this recent “scandal” has done is once again bring up the debate about the treatment of female idols when it comes to relationships. Especially when compared to their male counterparts.

Look, if some male idol is free to stick his dick in every piece of ass he finds attractive shouldn’t it be fair to give females equal opportunity to ride a disco stick of their choosing? Isn’t there a bit of a double standard going on?

Would it not be better to let these girls get out there and experience all this stuff about love they’re singing about? Since I’m not Japanese and all hardcore wota I guess I would not understand why these relationship things are such a deal breaker.

I’m pretty sure that cultural disconnect is probably the reason why many of us don’t really get why these things blow up like they do. Even those of you who claim to be all educated on the culture and have changed your name to some weird shit in katakana can’t claim that you get it.

Because you aren’t Japanese & are not part of the target fanbase for these idol groups are far as agencies and labels are concerned.

So naturally my opinion (and yours) doesn’t count in the long run. We can claim the high road and support Minegishi and hope she gets a cool EXILE inspired haircut all we want, it still won’t make a lick of difference.


As long as the Japanese fan culture remains as it is, these things will continue to happen until the rules for females loosen up to somewhat match those of the males. That of course is a pipe dream because that will never happen without some major implications in the way things are run in idol agencies that specialize in the fairer sex and a huge shift in attitude of the fans.

The second coming of Jesus seems more likely than that kind of radical change. Even if he were to come down to save our souls (for letting this crap happen and letting Yagami Kumi graduate) I highly doubt the savior himself could do anything about this clusterfuck of a policy.

Edison Chen

But if you want to have some fun, let’s unleash Edison Chen on the female Japanese idol population and see what destruction he leaves in his wake. That will be something to get all emo and worked up about. Watch out ladies, he’s coming to get you!

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