Thoughts on Canibus vs Dizaster

There will be spoiler alerts on the battle later on in the article. There will be one more warning. 

On June 9th, along with Game 7 of the NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals between the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat, and Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley, another competition occurred. By battle rap league King Of The Dot, Canibus verses Dizaster happened on a pay-per-view on ustream.

Canibus, is well known to the hip-hop community due to his dense lyricism and multi-syllabic wordplay. Also known for his feuds with LL Cool J and Eminem. Out of all the rappers that have thrown jabs with Mr. Mathers, Canibus is considered by many to be his greatest opponent.

In comparison, Dizaster is mainly a battle rapper. Known mostly in the battle rap community, to rap fans seeing the buzz leading up to this battle, he is unknown. But, to the crowd that knows of Dizaster, he is more than capable to taking the win in the battle. A highly aggressive style, he also has underrated schemes and great wordplay of his own. It’s just that his rip-your-face-off, double time delivery and freestyle abilities buries it all.

I was excited for this battle. Although I picked Diz to win, I didn’t count out Canibus. His diss track to LL Cool J, Second Round K.O. is one of the best diss records in hip-hop history. But to record a battle rap, and to perform one in front of a crowd and to the person in question are two different things.

But, I didn’t see this coming.

Spoiler Alert: The rest of the article will directly address what happened at the battle. You have been advised. 

It started out on point. Canibus did his research on Dizaster and the battle rap scene with referencing Diz’s past battles. He opened with some humor. From the offset, it looked like Canibus had things under control. Then, there were long pauses between lines. It happened throughout Canibus’s first two rounds.

Dizaster clearly came prepared. Opening with a scientific angle, then quickly switching to a hilarious turnaround. From then on, Dizaster did what I expected him to do. Quick freestyled lines about Canibus’ arm in a sling peppered in with well-thought out personals and metaphors.

Then Round three happened. Canibus forfeits the battle to Diz, yet wants to continue to rhyme. He admits forgetting what he had written, saying he had written to much it’s hard to remember it all. The most egregious thing is when Canibus pulls out his notepad and tries to recite the rhymes he wrote.

It’s one thing to be prolific, its another not to be prepared. Dizaster was clearly prepared to go toe-to-toe. It’s understandable not to remember all the lines written because of the sheer amount, but why not picking out the best material and remembering that? It’s the same reason later 2pac material suffered. Once he got out of jail, he hit the studio with a fury. The All Eyez on Me album was a double CD, and I think suffered from the same prolific nature. Quickly moving from one song to another, or in Canibus’ case one set of rhymes to another, dulls the overall quality.

It’s a shame also. Canibus cuts his teeth on having a highly technical style and multi-layered verses. He brought some of that. But any good will gained coming out strong in the first round began to fade once the silence began, and was gone when he admitted defeat and brought out his notepad.

The crowd was out of it at that point, and Diz tried to bring them back in the fold, but it wasn’t enough. People were disappointed. So was I. I thought Dizaster would win, but not from a forfeit. I didn’t think Canibus would lose due to forgetting what he wrote. I especially didn’t expect Canibus to pull out his notepad. Canibus prides himself on representing hip-hop. In this battle, he broke cardinal rules.

Due to the nature of the internet, people are going to move on quickly, if they haven’t already. But for me, I’m gonna remember this battle for awhile. Dizaster had his biggest battle of his career to date, and didn’t slip up. Canibus, while possessing the respect of hip-hop heads, had faded into obscurity long ago. This was a chance for him to get back to where he was when he first came in the game. In a lot of fields, people are remembered for the last thing they did. It’s gonna be awhile for Canibus to shake this battle.

Luckily for the PPV and for us, King Of The Dot had a stacked card with great match-ups.

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