Tiara feat. WISE – Toki wo Tomete

Toki wo Tomete

Release Date: July 6, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Toki wo Tomete feat. WISE
  2. Honto no Kimochi
  3. Be With You
  4. Toki wo Tomete feat. WISE (Instrumental)
  5. Honto no Kimochi (Instrumental)
  6. Be With You (Instrumental)


R&B singer Tiara’s 8th single is a collaboration with Hip-Hop artist WISE. This is not a Hip-Pop hybrid that many of these kind of pairings are, instead we have a mid-tempo R&B song with WISE doing more singing (with some tasteful auto-tune assistance) than rapping at times.

True to Tiara’s sound this is a sweet kind of song that works to the strength of her rather pretty vocals. There’s a relaxing kind of feel to the song that indicates it would be something that is more suited for listening in a comforting atmosphere rather than blasting it in your car with the volume cranked to 11.

Both b-sides follow suit quite nicely. Honto no Kimochi is has a brighter feel than Toki wo Tomete while Be With You slows things down and allows Tiara’s voice to really shine. What you prefer would depend on what your mood at the moment may be but you can’t really go wrong with either track.

Toki wo Tomete

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