To Conclude 2018: Fandom, Music and Writing (A Year End Review)

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2018 has certainly been a turning point in what I enjoy, fan wise. From my rekindled love of LONDON BLUE to the continuing love for Houkago Princess and the dying embers of my Hello! Project fanship, I have experienced a lot this year as a fan, and it is here that I shall wallow in various degrees of fanship for what I hope 2019 will bring, and the groups I anticipate most in the Year that shall be. So, here we go (again).

Houkago Princess is, first and foremost, my flagship idol group. With a whole new lineup, brand new leader and an uncertain future, I only have high hopes for Houkago Princess as they stand now. Yes, the group has had its biggest lineup change since their beginnings – the loss of their first leader and final 1st generation member, Odagiri Nana, as well as the departure of two core members from the most indie of their indies period, Yamaguchi Miran and Kizuki Saori – however I look forward to what this new lineup brings, and anticipate their up-coming singles with much anticipation.

Of course, I also anticipate a graduation announcement, but with any idol group, it is almost certain that someone will leave with each year that comes. Still, regardless of this feeling I have, I look forward to HouPri’s up-coming activities. I also hope they bring out another physical single, perhaps Beauty and the Beast themed? That would be grand.


Next will be LONDON BLUE, the newly appointed second-favoured group of the lot. Though my love for them only recently rekindled, I look forward to everything they bring into 2018. Though the end of the year has been a rocky one for them – losing two of their latest members and returning to the 3nin status they had started out as this year – I feel like LONDON BLUE will give us something to look forward to come 2019. Their major contract under KING RECORDS is still fresh, so there’s a chance for more music, and with new member auditions underway, we can only expect some more new faces to come along sometime soon. So, yes, I anticipate what LONDON BLUE brings in both sound and change, and I will cross my fingers in the hopes that a new single is announced soon, because my Lord, I loved LONDON CALLING.

Chuning Candy

The third group I would like to talk about is Chuning Candy, a newer unit that I only recently came to like. Through a friend of mine I was able to enjoy the likes of Chuning Candy, a squeaky but sweet group who have a very pastel and colourful palette when it comes to their music videos and style. My initial thoughts on Chuning Candy were that they were more annoying than anything, however I have since come to enjoy their style through Sugar Sugar Sweet, an addictive and fun song that I just adore. So, even though they are a more recent find, I anticipate what 2019 brings for them, and hopefully I will come to enjoy them more and potentially claim them as a favoured group similar to LONDON BLUE and Houkago Princess?


Given this is the Selective Hearing Year End, I will throw in that for 2019, there’s some hope in the air from Allen’s side that I will turn to the *ONE side of the fandom and give myself over to the likes of Sakura and whoever else takes part in this whole fandango of K-pop blandness. Mind, I have no issue with K-pop – I like Dreamcatcher and sometimes SHINEE’s music – but IZ*ONE aren’t exactly doing anything revolutionary just yet.

Regardless, 2019 may be a promising year for the ‘global’ K-pop all girl group created from that one-off Produce101 and 48 collaboration everyone was clamouring to have. So, I anticipate some good music from them and even more goodies in their CD albums they produce for everyone to buy in the hopes that they receive a photo card of their favoured member.

Anyway, we shall see how I fare with the group next year. Will I like them, or will I not? There are only 365 days to go before I cross that bridge and make my mind up… 

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