Tokimeki Sendenbu – Muteki no Uta Review


Release Date: June 1st, 2016

Track List

  1. Muteki no Uta
  2. Lemon Juice (Lemon ban version)
  3. Byuti (Beauty ban version)
  4. 100% Orange (Orange ban version)


Delivering their third release overall and the first for 2016, Tokimeki Sendenbu bring you their A-game in energy and delight with the release of Muteki no Uta, a cute cheer song that is sure to bring some joy and entertainment when you hear it, whether you happen to like them or not.

A little tame for a Stardust affiliated group, Tokimeki Sendebu’s Muteki no Uta plays a generic yet fun tune that is pretty pleasing to the ears, and pretty easy to listen to. It’s upbeat, filled to the brim with energy and cuteness, and will deliver cheer to its listener thanks to the chipper, devil-may-care attitude it brings, something to be expected of any group under the Stardust umbrella. What is not expected, however, is the surprising lack of nasal-toned vocals and off-key singing. Instead, there is some form of smoothness here, and the girls seem like pretty capable singers in this studio recording.

The accompanying video for the title track is a cute affair filled with colour and energy throughout, showing off the adorable cheer that each member of Tokimeki Sendenbu produces. It’s also a great video to familiarize new listeners to certain members, thanks to the use of colour coded rooms and costumes. It is a fun video to watch, though at times can seem a little over-saturated in its close-up scenes.

The accompanying tracks, each one attached to a separate version of the single, are just as fun and charming as the title track is. Lemon Juice is a quirky piece with a lot of bounce and personality to it, delivering an energetic performance that fits the overall tone of the group. Byuti, though it starts off a little weaker than the rest, is still entertaining, however at times it tends to go off-key, reverting to that typical Stardust sound listeners are accustomed to. Of the tracks, Byuti is probably the weakest despite its energy, and the least appealing of the three additional tracks, unless you enjoy that sort of sound.

100% Orange is the third and final coupling song, and whilst it’s the weakest musically, it’s still quite an appealing sound thanks to its gentle pace and soft tone. Though it is not a ballad by any means, its mellow sound is sure to attract those who enjoy something a little more toned down. As an ending song, though, it certainly rounds off the previous tracks beautifully, creating a rather positive experience overall.

A fun compilation, Muteki no Uta is a nice experience for old and new listeners of Tokimeki Sendenbu, and is a great way to introduce those who are unaware of just how upbeat and weird the Stardust groups can get. Its cute, upbeat, and its filled with some positive songs that are sure to intrigue, and will surely be enjoyed by many.

Muteki no Uta


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